Sunday, March 22, 2009

Florida wingnuts want control over women's bodies

It never ends in Florida. The rightwingnuts, most of which are also crazy christianists, and Repugnicans, continue to try to impose their religious beliefs, not only on our science classes, but also on our sexual activities.

Part and parcel of the legislative agenda of these rightwingnut christianists is to control what women do with their bodies.

The anti-abortion crowd never gives up and when one door closes, they sneak around the hallowed halls of Tallahassee to find another that might be unlocked.

Now they want to "require women seeking an abortion to get an ultrasound exam and have the option to view the scan. ... "

A similar resolution was defeated last year in the state Senate by a 20-20 vote!

Like I said, the nutcases never quit. So, we're fighting the same battle this year. Now, the rightwingnut christianists are all Repugnicans, so that tells you something right away. And they, like John Boehner, can get all teary as they explain that this is for the good of Florida's women everywhere, and the only reason they want this law is to help the poor, benighted women of Florida who don't seem to be able to think for themselves, blah, blah, blah.

That's all horse-hockey, of course. They don't give a damn about women or what women want! They are Mel Gibson in legislative suits!

This measure is simply another way to get a foot in the door in their attempt to restrict abortions in the state of Florida. They think, in their mealy-minded, christianist, Old Testament godly sort of way, that if a woman has to look at an ultra-sound of the fetus, she will all of a sudden reject the abortion option.

Not only so, but they also think that they, in their legislative wisdom, sitting in seats of power in the statehouse, have the right to tell women what's best for them.

This measure is a slap in the face of every woman in Florida! It says that not only do men know best what women want and what women should do with their bodies, but that fat old Repugnican christianist rightwingnuts in Tallahassee have the right to impose the will of their god on every woman in Florida!

At the present time, there is nothing whatsoever that would forbid a pregnant woman to have an ultrasound. At the present time, however, that decision is made by the woman and her doctor. The way it should be.

Florida Repugnican christianist rightwingnut legislators want to have the power to make that decision for every woman of child-bearing age in the Sunshine State.

My hope is the women of Florida will rise en masse and tell the good ol' boys in Tallahassee to go to hell!


Bob Poris said...

This current issue of /time magazine did a rather comprehensive report on sex education in a part of

South Carolina that does teach sex education thru most grades. It has made a huge difference in teen pregnancies! People of all political and religious persuasions have accepted it! Abstinence and all the holier than thou preaching has not stopped sex. Teen births have gone up for the first time in years, in spite of massive government spending teaching abstinence only. Abortions will go down when people learn how to prevent them. That can be from wiser use of condoms and other means, or putting off sex until marriage,. The choices will be made by the [participants assuming they know they have options. Let those that practice abstinence do their thing and let those that give in to the lure of sex, do theirs. Both should know the risks and benefits. If they cannot control their urges, no preaching will change that. Get the preachers out of our pants and back to their pulpits.

Anonymous said...

In China women have little statues on their mantles that represent their aborted fetuses. I'd rather have a sonogram on my mantle than an unwanted fetus in my womb. But it would never change my mind. Maybe I'd mail it to the people responsible for the law. Maybe everyone would.

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