Saturday, March 28, 2009

Reason versus faith

Here it is, in color! The truth. No wonder Baptists and other Christianists are so unreasonable!

Sadly, yes. This sign tells it like it is.

Borrowed with gratitude from Pharyngula.


Grandpa Eddie said...

There is no reasoning with the American Taliban. They blindly follow what their leaders tell them, which is taken from a book written by fallible men, and only take from said book what they feel will suit their purpose. Example: gays are an abomination as is shellfish, but yet they eat shellfish.

The only difference between the American Taliban and those of the Muslim persuasion is their savior, one is called Jesus and the other is called Muhammad.

Anonymous said...

And yet there are many right wing religionists that subscribe to, and promote such websites as Stand To Reason and Let Us Reason.

Sites etc which support reason fortified "christian" minds (as in strenghtening the "christian" mind--like a mighty fortress)

Indeed their entire complaint about postmodern "relativism" is that it is an an abandonmen of and assault on reason.

Jacob said...

@ Anon - I am aware of that kind of thinking...well, I'd call it delusion. You can't make words mean whatever just because you want them to.

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