Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tom "Welfare" Delay should be in jail

Tom DeLay, the insane christianist criminal from Texas, who should be in jail, is running around spewing typical Repugnican bullshit about the stimulus bill.

Typically, DeLay, like other criminal Repugnican types, claim the stimulus bill is nothing but welfare - for poor folks (read Black).

"The proposal is full of welfare -- welfare for local governments, welfare for people, subsidies for health insurance, expanding the federal government's involvement in our educational system," said the criminally-insane DeLay.

Now, for most Repugnicans, "welfare" is a tricky word. When Repugnicans speak, it becomes like the novel 1984, where words mean the opposite of their original meaning. You know, like when Bush says "War is peace."

So, when the government gives humongous tax breaks to rich people, that is NOT welfare and don't you dare say it is! When the government bails out financially-stressed banks, which then proceed to use government funds to buy other banks and pay CEO bonuses, that is NOT welfare and don't you dare say it is! When the government bails out Wall Street firms in order for them to hold corporate retreats at swanky resorts, increase bonuses for their execs, and purchase brand-new jets, that is NOT welfare, and don't you dare say it is!

But, when the government spends money on education, housing, healthcare, food stamps, unemployment insurance -- money that goes to the non-rich, (and probably to a lot of black people) THAT is welfare! And THAT is bad! THAT is socialism! THAT is leftist Marxism!

So, DeLay, the dimwitted Repugnican criminal, cries "I'm very frightened of what I see." We have a leftist president. Omigod!

Oh, DeLay, the criminally-insane Repugnican, also said that the stimulus plan is nothing more than "just complete, out-and-out writing of checks to people that don't pay taxes. These are welfare check that are called tax cuts."

To such depths has the Repugnican Party sunk. Bye, bye!

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Bob Poris said...

The strange thing is that people buy his ranting. When does his trial start? It seems it has been a long time since he left office.

Does it ever occur to his constituents that he is responsible for many of the problems we are now having? His leadership prevented any oversight of the banking and Wall Street problems. He was against oversight and a buddy of the lobbyists.

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