Thursday, January 29, 2009

Republicans on the brink

The so-called stimulus bill passed the House of Representatives. Not one single Republican voted in favor of it, while 177 Republicans voted against it. It had too much "wasteful spending," said Cathy McMorris Rodgers, GOP House leader.

P.M. Carpenter described what Republicans see as wasteful spending: "more needed funds for food stamps, more needed funds for children's healthcare and more needed funds for the still-unemployed, all of whom are bathing in the putrid afterwash and decadent desolation of her party's Gilded Age policies."

Other Republicans thought the bill "excessive," says Carpenter, and some considered it "insufficient," while a few believed it to be a "political ploy to buy working- and under-class votes."

Carpenter sums up the lack of bipartisanship of Republicans in the House of Representatives this way:

"Each House GOPer had his or her little militant manual in hand -- their very own prized edition of Mein Dummkampf, penned by the macroeconomically ignorant likes of the party's Rush Limbaughs and dedicated to their stormstrooping baboon-corps of Sean Hannitys."

Damn! I couldn't have said it better myself.

Republicans in the House of Representatives are now blocking a delay in the implementation of our digital TV transition. The switch is to be made on February 17, but the FCC has concluded that because of poor publicity millions of non-digital people are not aware their TV screens are about to go blank; about 6 1/2 million people, actually.

And the great majority of these live in rural areas, are poor and elderly; you know, the people on every Republican shit-list everywhere.

Guess what: The Republicans are blaming Obama for not getting the job done. Heh, heh.

So, standing hand in hand to fight the Obama administration, egged on by a big, fat, idiotic talk radio host and neanderthalically ignorant TV pundits, the Republican Party teeters on the brink of irrelevance.

Just how irrelevant becomes clearer with the apology of Rep. Phil Gingrey, R-Ga., to Rush Limbaugh for lobbing a few softballs at the big, fat, idiot's tendency to "stand back and throw bricks" rather than offer anything of substance.

When the chairman of the conservative Republican Study Committee is forced to kneel down before the likes of Limbaugh and beg for mercy, the irrelevance of the Republican Party is etched in the blood of it's victims for all the world to see.

The Republicans have reached the brink. There is no turning back and the demise of the party lies ahead. R.I.P. Republicans!

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Bob Poris said...

Maybe they will come up with a bill that will be acceptable to all. In the meantime many more people will suffer because of the delays. It seems to me that high taxes did not stop prosperity during the Clinton years. All the tax breaks during the last eight years did not increase manufacturing, or help the middle class, etc. We had enormous decreases in employment and lower real wages for millions of people. Trickle down did not work and we are now in such a vulnerable situation that needs risky solutions. We will need higher taxes in order to pay for our wars and to solve the problems we are faced with. Some of us blame the Republicans, fairly or not. The reality is we are in a bad way and it will take government action to resolve them. The government is not the problem; it seems to be our representatives.

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