Sunday, January 25, 2009

An epic promotion of Mormonism

A couple of generations ago, conservative Christians (which were not quite the same as today's fundamentalist christianists; they were less belligerent for one thing) railed against any involvement of the church with the government. Many of these folks were rabidly anti-Catholic and deathly afraid that if the Catholic church got its hands on government money it would not be long before they were running things and boarding up all the Protestant churches.

Really. That's what they believed.

In fact, many people whom I knew personally were avid supporters of the organization, Americans United for Separation of Church and State. Today, Americans United is vilified by the christianist right, which has swung around to the position that their particular theological, moral and ethical beliefs should be enshrined as governmental policy.

In addition, a couple of generations ago, you couldn't find a Christian who would deign to even consider the notion that Mormonism had a speck of validity or value and you couldn't find a Christian who would deign to even consider giving a Mormon the time of day.

Mormons were not Christians, period!

While that is still generally true - few Christians accept Mormonism as Christian - what has changed is the willingness to work together on certain issues. (See the fight against Proposition 8 in California!)

Christianists these days have shed their fear and hatred of Catholics and Mormons in order to combine forces in hopes of defeating the spread of paganism in our culture as defined by abortion, homosexuality, and more recently, "socialism."

But I still found it surprising that an outfit like Christian News Wire would blatantly promote Mormon nonsense on its website.

This particular Mormon nonsense incarnates in the form of one Christine Davidson, a "Christian family advocate," who has written a book called "Escape to Epic World," which is "a collection of epic stories from both the Bible and the Book of Mormon, for families to discuss at dinner times."

Doesn't that sound like fun?

Christian News Wire actually began their ode to Christine thusly:

"An ancient Central American history, written by descendants of the 'remnant' of Israel, is found to contain numerous verifications of historic episodes in the Bible, including the ministry of Jesus Christ, the creation of man in the image of God, abundant testimony of Adam as the first man, and the Ten Commandments, which defend the sanctity of life.

"Some people are surprised that this history, known today as the Book of Mormon, could support the Bible so strongly," says Christine. [Emphasis added]

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

Please. The Book of Mormon, written by the nearly illiterate phony, Joseph Smith, with the help of a friend, consists of his deluded fantasies interwoven with material from the King James Version of the Bible. It isn't surprising in the least that the Book of Mormon "supports the Bible so strongly." Hell, it was plagiarized from the Bible!

What Christine is peddling is Mormonism dressed up as christianist fundamentalism. Thus, you can head to her website -- the part that deals with "creation," and find these subjects:

* Why teach children the Creation
* Effects of atheism in schools
* Bible's Allies in Era of Unbelief
* The Remnant

The question remains: Why would a fundamentalist christianist outfit like Christian News Wire promote moronic Mormonism?


Bot said...

Why would a Southern Baptist preacher say the Book of Mormon is consistent with Jesus Chrit's New Testament teachings?

Anonymous said...

"The Book of Mormon, written by the nearly illiterate phony, Joseph Smith..."

This statement here kind of blew your whole credibility as an informed thinker.

Jacob said...

Right...and like you know. Have you ever studied the beginnings of Mormonism and Joseph Smith in material not sanctioned by the LDS?

My God, "illiterate phony" is really giving him too much credit.

You blew your whole credibility when you wrote what you did. Butif you can back up your own statement, please quote chapter and verse.


Bob Poris said...

I recommend that all readers read both the Koran and the Book of Mormon. Most have read the Torah as it is the Old Testament in the King James Version of the Bible. Once you know the basic premise of other popular religions, you can decide if they are any truer than whatever your religion is. They are all based on faith as none can be proven or disproved to be true. There were few contemporary records that could be verified. So the words passed down thru generations, might be incorrect. If you have faith, remember that others do too. We can never be positive that our faith is the only true one.

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