Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Palin plugging for Alaska

[Photo from US News]

So what's new? In Wasilla, she got about $30 mil in those dastardly earmarks. Trouble is no one really wanted them and now the town has got a huge debt to pay off.

But in spite of all her blathering about Alaska providing vital resources for the United States, she's still looking to Washington to bail her out.

This morning, in Juneau, she took a few questions from reporters. One reporter asked her if she planned to go to D.C. this coming weekend.

Palin said:

"Yeah, I'm going to meet with those who are making decisions for Alaska in the stimulus package, including senators Feinstein and (I'll) be having dinner with Mitch McConnell and others, having dinner with them and meeting with John Katz in our D.C. office on what it is that we can support in the stimulus package.

"Advocating tough too for an exemption that Alaska needs in terms of timelines for some of these shovel ready projects. Congress is saying the projects involved in the infrastructure aspect of the stimulus package have to be shovel ready, have to get them out the door, whether it be 90 days of 120 days. Well, we're Alaska and we need an exemption there so that we're not left out in the cold in terms of some of the projects that will take a northern climate a longer period of time to make sure that we our projects ready to go."

If you read that very slowly, you can probably get the gist of what she is saying.

But...the Republicans in Congress are opposing the stimulus package and now have come up with their own measure which is merely a replay of Repugnican stupidity, consisting primarily of more tax cuts with no provision for the debt said cuts would incur. Same old, same old!

Maybe one way to bring these Repugnican nogoodniks in line is to cut out from the stimulus package goodies from those states ruled by Republican governors. Why should they reap the benefits when all they can do is say "We can't! We won't! We wanta do it our way! Our way or the highway!"

I know, I know. That wouldn't be fair to the "real" people in those states. Still...

But didn't these clowns lose the last couple of elections, big time?

Now, the stimulus package is not thought of as containing "earmarks," but it might be considered as one great big earmark. And notice Palin is prancing right off to D.C. to make sure she gets her share of what the big, bad (read "socialist") government is going to hand out.

Not only so, but this self-styled, independent, pit bull governor who stresses the great independence of her state, right off the bat wants exemptions or Alaska might not be able to meet the standards and would be left "out in the cold."

Don't you get a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach that this woman had a shot at becoming the vice president of the United States?

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