Saturday, January 31, 2009

It's witchcraft!

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Bewitched in Oklahoma

Sometimes it's difficult to know which century we are living in. Crazed fanatics look forward to the reappearance of their skygod who, they believe, will whoosh them up into the sky to a heavenly kingdom among the stars. Others strive to bring about WWIII, which they describe as a biblical Armageddon designed to end the world as we know it resulting in a rearrangement of power so their illusory god will rule according to the laws laid down in what they call the Old Testament.

In the great State of Oklahoma, land of the flat-earth, global-warming denying senators, a school district suspended a student accused of witchcraft. Yup, good old witchcraft, just like Sinatra sang about; well, more or less.

It seems that back in 1999, Brandi Blackbear, 15, put a hex on a teacher who then proceeded to become ill. Blackbear was a member of the Wicca religion, which, as everyone knows, has tremendous power to cast spells that can make people sick!

Blackbear was, from all accounts, a good student with no discipline problems and a perfect attendance record. Nevertheless, suspicious school officials searched her book bag, in which they found "dastardly" writings, and suspended her for 19 days.

Yesterday, the Oklahoma ACLU filed a federal lawsuit against the school district, two principals and two counselors.

Let's see if these school officials, who preyed on this supposed "witch," can pray their way out of this one. Maybe they can ask Brandi to put a hex on the ACLU?

Witchcraft, indeed!

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Bob Poris said...

When do these idiots realize that the witches they persecute have the ability to harm them and their families? They are really tempting fate when they go after those with supernatural powers. Sticking pins in dolls doesn’t cost much money and can be done in total secrecy. These guys are going to get very sick soon, you betcha.

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