Saturday, August 25, 2012

Lord Tree has reached a verdict

This is a guest post by mjs at Mortaljive: The Rest is Silence.  It was originally posted on Mortaljive on Sunday, August 12, 2012.

When I saw it, I was so impressed, I asked for permission to reproduce the post here.  MJS graciously provided that permission.


we have seen the evidence
we have heard the tale
we have reached a judgement
and justice shall prevail

we ask of the defendant
to rise and face the court
and hear our reasoned verdict
from us, a noble sort

(it was then that heads did shake
slowly to and fro
grim and solemn features
come to deal their fatal blow)

we have reached a verdict
and guilty is the finding
there shall be no appeal
for the verdict is quite binding

you were in the garden
and refused to understand
that you are of the garden
you are of the land

you are not a separate beast
but as gifted as you are
you turned away from paradise
and turned your back on stars

you tore up your humanity
and tossed it on the heap
you lay down for your master
the illusion that you seek

you did not feel the earth alive
you beat it like a slave
you put your soul into a box
and prayed you would be saved

you put your god so far away
he could not interfere
the promise of eternal life
while death was everywhere

but god would not vindicate
your god of ancient texts
the thunder god of Abraham
the spirit of T-Rex

but fiction has a friend in man
where belief can trump a fact
and stories told so long ago
still dominate this act

and so today, you weary fool
we give you now your sentence:
you must live among yourselves
but there shall be no repentance

you will not see god in others
or feel connected to the all:
you must be at a distance
though there never was a fall

it wasn't a creator
who kicked you out from in the garden
it was yourselves, in ignorance
who blocked the way and blocked the pardon

but there will be an ending
both happy and profound
but you will never find it
in this circle that goes round

no beginning, and no end
no justice and no bail
when at last you wake up
having built up your own jail
perhaps your love will be enough
of family and friends
tell your stories about Eden
where all meaning at last ends

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