Monday, August 20, 2012

Facts on Taxes - from the White House

From the White House

11 facts about the tax debate

If Congress doesn't act, taxes are going to go up for 114 million middle-class families on January 1.

The good news is that nearly everyone in Washington agrees we need to do something about it. The bad news is that Republicans in the House of Representatives are refusing to act unless they can also extend cuts for the wealthiest two percent of people in this country.

But right now, most Americans don't really understand just how stark a difference there is between President Obama's plan and the one put forth by GOP lawmakers. So we've put together 11 facts you need to know about the tax debate. Read it, then share it on Facebook, post it to Twitter, or forward this email to your friends.

Infographic: 11 Facts About the Tax Debate
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