Saturday, March 24, 2012

Man Bites Dog or Christians help Atheist

It's the old man bites dog thing all over again, this bunch of Christians helping an atheist.  Who would think such a thing could happen?  Especially in Texas?

The irony is that a headline like "Texas Christians Raise Money To Pay Medical Bills for Atheist Protestor Patrick Greene," should be so commonplace that it wouldn't raise an eyebrow.  Isn't that the kind of things Christians are supposed to do routinely and without question.  Didn't their Jesus of the Gospels say "Love your enemies"? 

The reality is that such a headline is newsworthy because Christians are usually spewing hatred and bile at those they see a threat to their faith and their god.  I read a lot of Christian Right material and I'm constantly amazed at the vile rhetoric and the lying that is commonplace.

The storyline here is that Patrick Greene from Henderson County, Texas, may go blind in one eye because of a detached retina.  He had to retire and is looking at a huge pile of medical bills.  Greene is also an active atheist and has tried to have religious symbols barred from government property - one in particular being a nativity scene.  At one point he filed suit to achieve his goals but had to drop the suit due to his lack of finances. 

Some Christians heard about his condition and wrote Greene a check for $400 to help with his living expenses. 

These Christians said they did it because that's what "real" Christians are supposed to do. 

They are right but sadly, they are a minority amongst the Christian tribe!

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