Thursday, March 22, 2012

Trayvon Martin RIP

Trayvon Martin was just 17 years old.  He was walking home on a sidewalk carrying a bag of candy.  

George Zimmerman, a gun-toting, self-appointed vigilante spotted Trayvon, suspected he was a "suspicious" character and made his suspicions known to the local police in Sanford, Florida.  The police dispatcher essentially told him to stand down, a directive that Zimmerman ignored.

Zimmerman chased, shot and killed Trayvon.

Florida has a law passed in 2005 under the reign of Jeb Bush called the "Stand Your Ground" law.  It says that if you are in your abode and are threatened with bodily harm, you may stand your ground and take whatever action is necessary.  In other words, you can shoot to kill without fearing any legal consequences. 

Seventeen states have such a law, thanks to the intensive lobbying efforts of the National Rifle Association.

Mr. Zimmerman was not in his abode.  He actively sought a confrontation.  It appears he shot and killed Trayvon in cold blood.

But some people think Zimmerman should be applauded; that he took a step toward eradicating a possible crime; that he did his duty as any upstanding citizen should do.

The FBI is investigating.

What follows is an essay written by my friend, Art Woodstone. 

How to rid the world of your favorite slimeball

First, you have to move to Florida and get him to move, too.  [Actually, you and he could move to one of 16 other states, including Illinois].  Secondly, you start an argument:  You tell him you hate him because he beats his kids, cheats on his wife, hates everybody who isn't white and talks trash at pickle ball.  It doesn't matter that none of this is true because you viscerally hate him just the same.

Three, you begin to shout and move toward him in a menacing manner.  If he has any kind of brain (maybe that's why you hate because you don't), he'll retreat.  When he's 15 feet away, you shout his name.  As he turns hesitantly in your direction, (step four) you pull your .45 and shoot him in the face!

Five.  When the cops arrive (after you called them), you claim you fired in self-defense, that he was threatening you.

Voila!  Your enemy is dead and you are home free!  What's even better, Americans across the country proclaim you to be a hero!

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