Monday, March 26, 2012

A Graphic Demonstration as to what's wrong with FAUX (FOX News)

Most folks reading this blog recognize that FAUX (FOX) News is an ultra-rightwing propaganda machine that has as its mission the health and well-being of the Republican Party and the corporate elites who are actually in control of the United States.

Most folks reading this blog will also agree that FAUX News has little concern for truth and goes out of its way to slant the "news" to further its mission.

A friend sent me this picture which dramatizes very graphically what's wrong with FAUX News and why FAUX News should not be considered a real news source but rather as the mouthpiece for the Republican Party, the corporatists and the Christianists!

Please click on picture to enlarge it.

Disclaimer:  I have not checked the authenticity of this picture, but from what I've seen of FAUX News, it's quite accurate as to the methods of their reporting!


JM said...

Yes, I had already seen this and I couldn't believe it was true! Those people have absolutely no idea what they are talking about! How can this be???

cieldequimper said...

I give up trying to understand JM.

Lowell: can we send Bob? ;-)

Sailor said...

That was funny!

Bob Poris said...

I found the clip from Fox News not really funny as so many get their news from Fox.

The report was on the murders of Jewish school children by a Muslim terrorist and some French soldiers in France. It seems Fox got most of the story wrong. They called the killer a Buddhist, had the wrong city and spelled it incorrectly, etc. Mistakes do happen, of course, but see these and judge it.

The original story was covered in other media and was a terrible incident. One of the small children was killed in front of her father, a Rabbi and he was also killed.

The killer was eventually found and he committed suicide by jumping out a window, the full story was covered and the murderer’s brother and others were arrested.

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