Saturday, March 24, 2012

Rachel Maddow takes on Willard "Mitt" Romney for his lying!

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Bob Poris said...

I rarely watch MSNBC’s political programs due to conflicts with our TV watching, so I have only watched Rachel Maddow a few times. I have enjoyed her programs and the few interviews with people she disagrees with were always polite and allowed the guest to refute or explain freely what they said. I thought she was fair and seemed to have done her homework.

This particular video of her reporting on actual LIES, deliberate cutting of parts of speeches to create a totally different quote and showing the actual video of the original full quote, is hard to defend!

I suggest that we all (American voters) watch the entire video and decide if there is anything dishonest in it. It does indicate character!

I was shocked as I accepted Romney as basically honest, even though his drastic flip flopping is questionable as to his sincerity. I excused some of it as pandering which is common amongst many politicians on all sides. LYING is not the same as pandering, however. Phony quotes is lying and wrong whether by a candidate or a Carl Rove on behalf of a candidate. It is wrong for any politician as is outright propaganda used today in our polarized politics.

Please avoid telling me to watch Obama or anyone else. I am not looking for an argument, I am simply suggesting you watch and do as you like with whatever you think.

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