Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pat Robertson's Jesus gonna get you!

I can't imagine anyone taking Pat Robertson seriously.  The man is a complete dolt and one of the nastiest christianists of all time.  Every time tragedy strikes, anywhere in the world, Robertson weighs in with some comment about it being his pissant little god's punishment for "sin."  9/11, said Robertson, occurred because there were too many gay people in the U.S.  Robertson's god can't abide "gayness." Being gay is sinful.

The big tragedy now, in the mind of this mental midget, is that poor Tim Tebow, Jesus' ambassador to the NFL and possibly the universe, got traded to the New York Jets.  Robertson thinks this is a terrible travesty because Tebow, the Jesus freak, did the Broncos so much good this past season and through Tebow, all the players in the NFL might become born-again!

Robertson, of course, has a right to his opinion even if he is a crazy old fool who believes he knows the mind of the deity.  But why would anyone care about his opinion?  Are there people who still watch the 700 Club and think this dodo has anything worth saying at all?

The worst of it is that Robertson's opinion involves his god punishing the Denver Broncos by injuring Peyton Manning.  If Manning got injured, opines the christianist kook, it would serve the Broncos right!  

Robertson's god is filled with hatred and revenge.  Robertson's god is a vicious, easily-offended god; a god who continually demands obeisance and sacrifice!  What's sad is Robertson's god does not even exist; the deity is merely a creation of his fevered mind.

I don't give a rat's ass about professional football, but at this point I'd say, "Long live Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos!"

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Bob Poris said...

I think my friend makes a good point. I wish Pat’s god spent more time paying attention to current events in the world and less to sports but god does not speak to me, so I cannot be sure god knows what I think.

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