Friday, January 9, 2009

Jews attacked in Belgium over the Israeli/Hamas conflict

[Islamist protesters in Antwerp. AP photo from NRC Handelsblad]

About 22,000 Jews live in Antwerp, Belgium, one of the largest Jewish communities outside of Israel, according to Vanessa Mock of Radio Netherlands Worldwide.

There are about 30,000 Arabs that also live in this city of 470,000 people, most of whom are of the Muslim religion.

About a week ago, a group of protestors marched toward the Jewish neighborhood, a march that quickly became "a riot, with protesters attacking cars and buildings ... brandishing anti-Jewish slogans. In a separate incident, one Jewish house was attacked by arsonists. There have been other incidents in Brussels, including an attempted arson attack on a synagogue."

Antwerp is sending extra police into the Jewish area to help protect the residents. Diane Keizer, head of the Belgian Forum for Jewish Organizations, said "There have been arson attacks and some Jews have received death threats."

All of this has been "triggered by the violent conflict in the Middle East," i.e. the ongoing battle between Israel and Hamas.

Some think the anti-Jewish attacks are the work of extremist Islamists. At the same time, Muslim groups said the whole business has been blown out of proportion. Mohammed Chakar of the Federation of Moroccan Associations, said "Yes, there have been isolated incidents sparked by hooligans, which we condemn absolutely. But it's not the case that Jews and Muslims here are on a collision course. This is a village really, we live together."

But then, this: "I think that some of the harder-line Jewish organisations have blown up the scale of the problem to attract attention and to help their case."

What case? Jews are attacked in Belgium by radical Muslims because Israel responded militarily to the ongoing rocket attacks by Hamas. Isn't it obvious that the Jews need NOT make a case. The Jews in Belgium are not responsible for what is done by the state of Israel! And radical Belgian Jews did not attack the Muslim community, but the reverse!

It never ends for the Jews! Got a problem? Blame the Jews wherever they are! Kill the Jews!

And with regard to the "war" between Israel and Hamas: It would never have happened if Hamas had not sent thousands of rockets into Israel territory year after year! Israel did not attack Gaza because it likes war or wants to destroy Gaza.

Israel has not been attacking Gaza. Israel does not send suicide bombers into Gaza.

Israel attacked Gaza because the leaders of Gaza, Hamas, continue to attack Israel on a daily basis; because Hamas is dedicated to driving Israel into the sea, driven by the belief Israel has no right to exist; because Hamas believes that Jews are the scum of the earth and that all Jews must die.

The battle would end today if Hamas halted their rocket attacks against Israel.

Ms. Mock's article is here.

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Bob Poris said...

Strange that all Jews are responsible for the actions of Israel but all Arabs are not responsible for the actions of Muslim terrorists or Islamic states. Why is that?

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