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The Call to Dunkirk - Get your kids out of public schools!

For some time the christianist wingnuts on the right have pushed Christians to remove their children from the public schools.

A leader in this movement as been one of the chief christianist wingnuts, James Dobson, of Focus on the Family. Dobson's position is essentially the same as all the rest of the wingnuts and derives from 1) the notion that public schools should mirror the fundamentalist christianist mindset, and 2) extreme homophobia.

Another, perhaps more important leader in the effort to get "Christian" kids out of public schools is a fruitcake by name of E. Roy Moore, who is the "founder and director of the Exodus Mandate Project."

Moore is "launching" what some claim is "a new effort highlighting the need for Christians to exit the system [of public schools]." While it isn't a "new" effort at all, but simply part and parcel of continuing christianist attempts to destroy the public schools, the Exodus Mandate is pushing a video named "The Call to Dunkirk," which is the baby of one Dr. Bruce Shortt, the Rev. Voddie Baucham, and E. Roy Moore.

This video, says Moore, is "a special emergency effort to try to get other ministries, churches, pastors, and the major Christian right and pro-family movement to join with us and the other K-12 home-school ministries in rescuing the children from the public schools during the year 2009."

Moore is a retired Army chaplain, thus the military title. Dunkirk was a WWII disaster, but some 300,000 of the Allied forces at Dunkirk were assisted in escaping the clutches of the Nazis by local residents.

Get it? The public schools are a disaster, a Dunkirk. With your help, we can help our children survive by pulling them out of harm's way - the public schools.

Dr. Bruce Shortt is one of the strongmen of this effort. Shortt got a degree from Harvard Law, and then a Ph.D. from Stanford. Which just goes to show if you educate a fool, you've got a real problem - you end up with a really smart fool.

Shortt, Moore and others of their ilk find justification for their insanity in the work of Marlin Maddoux, a man largely responsible for Christian talk radio and a conspiracy theory which begs any form of rationality.

In a WorldNetDaily article, Shortt discusses Maddoux's book, Public Education Against America: the Hidden Agenda, revealing the massive mental breakdown that is the mind of Maddoux, and because he is as sick as Maddoux, praises him for his paranoid delusions.

Maddoux believed that our public schools were destroying our country. Public education is "a cauldron of toxic pathologies," and our government school system can best be summarized as "metastasizing pathologies."

How did he come to such conclusions. Well, our current system is one of "cultural Marxism," which derived from "an obscure band of German Marxists known as the 'Frankfurt School.'" These bad people began coming to this country with their pathologies in 1933 and they "all ... adhered to a form of Marxism developed by an Italian named Antonio Gramsci."

What does that have to do with anything, you ask?

Gramsci was the founder of the Italian Communist Party and became convinced that the West could not be beaten military or economically -- the Christendom of the West was just too strong. So "the only way," argued Gramsci, "was moral subversion through destroying the West's values, obliterating its knowledge of its own history, and destroying its Christian spiritual foundation."

Thus, when the German Marxists arrived in the good ol' US of A, "they almost immediately began drawing upon Gramsci's principles for 'deconstructing' American culture. ... the objective was to de-legitimize such pillars of American culture as Christianity, capitalism, the family, sexual restraint and patriotism."

Boy, they were good, too. They got jobs in "colleges, universities and other institutions where they were able to use their positions to influence generation after generation of students. As their influence on campus grew ... they consistently pursued 'a policy of intimidation, censorship, and slander against anyone opposing their agenda for America.'"

The result: "Today, Cultural Marxism is virtually the norm on most campuses."

The only solution, therefore, is to home school your children!
(Or send them to christianist wingnut non-educational institutions).

Of course it is.

I have attended four American universities and have obtained degrees from two of them including a degree in American History. I have also attended other graduate schools, earning yet another degree.

For eleven years, I taught American history in the public schools. My wife spent her working life as a teacher in the public schools.

Let me be clear:

Everything you've just read from Shortt/Maddoux about "cultural Marxism," is unmitigated bullshit!

These people are insane! They are also anti-Christian, anti-God, anti-American, and anti-just about everything else of any value in our society. They are destroyers, not builders. They are liars who know not the truth. They spend their lives hating, not loving. Today, they hate gays, Mormons, liberals, Democrats, free-thinkers, agnostics, mainstream Christians, atheists. They hate anyone who thinks for himself or herself. They hate all who disagree with them.

The best thing they could do for this country is pack up and leave for a deserted island where they could indoctrinate their precious children with all the hate that seethes in their hearts. At least we wouldn't have to listen to their nonsense and put up with their viciousness any more.

Shortt's entire article is here.

You'll find the Exodus Mandate Project here.

For another point of view, click here.

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Bob Poris said...

I received my entire education thru the NY City system as did many generations before me. It was wonderful and free.

I have no problem with private schools if not paid for by public funds. The nuts can do as they wish, as do those that use home schooling. I think in many cases that the kids do miss the mixing with other kids and cultures, but that is my personal opinion. There are many reasons to send a child to private school but some standards should be set. An educated electorate is necessary for democracy to survive. We need people that meet minimum standards of reading, writing, and arithmetic. I would add music, drama, sociology, biology, physics, etc but we do need some people for jobs that do not require some knowledge of other fields too.

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