Friday, January 9, 2009

God & Tim (Tebow) win again!

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It was a tough decision up there in the Pearly Gates what with both quarterbacks being christianists and "grounded in the Lord," but the call went to the guy with the bible verse scribbled on his face.

Tebow did it again, proving he is one heck of a football player.

But could he have done it without the help of his god? That's the real question.

It seems he's had the Lord's help all along. Because of a Florida law passed in 1996, Tebow, a home-schooled child, was allowed to play football for a public high school which he did not attend. The christianists have lots of power in Florida.

All that is water under the bridge, as they say. The real point of interest is Tebow's bible verse. Watching the game last night, I wondered how those Oklahoma defensive linemen felt looking up to see Tebow's ferocious face flaunting "John 3:16"? Yikes! Did they think, "Uh, oh, God's gonna get us!"

Yup, Tim changed the verse. Perhaps Tim figured for a big bowl game in which he certainly wanted his god's help, Phil. 4:13 was too prideful: "I can do all things..." So, Tim took out the "I," and scribbled a reference to another verse which stresses God's love, or lack thereof:

John 3:16 - "God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son, that everyone who has faith in him may not die but have eternal life."

This verse has been the rallying cry for christianists for years, and is why they go off to convert little heathen kids in the Philippines, India, Israel, etc.

That's because they interpret it as being exclusionary; those who don't have faith are excluded from God's love and will burn forever in hellfire. But that is not a necessary or necessarily correct interpretation of the verse. In fact, the verse says nothing about the fate of those who do not have faith in God's "only Son." Furthermore, what kind of god "loves" the world but then sends most of its inhabitants to an eternal torture chamber?

We must also wonder why the verse promises that those with faith will never die, when it is obvious that everyone dies?

Notice, too, there is nothing in that verse about atonement, or Jesus' death being a propitiatory sacrifice offered to assuage our "guilt" and appease the God. Actually, the verse does not define what "faith in him" means at all.

The Gospel of John, author unknown, was written in the 2nd century by a nasty anti-Semite, steeped in the Gnostic tradition and the traditions of the Mystery Religions. The Gospel of John
ignores the more Jewish Jesus of the Synoptics and presents a mystical, heavenly being who descended from heaven to save the world.

John 3:16 is simply a summary of one more version of the Pagan Mystery religions. The same story had been told over and over again for centuries: God sent his son, often born of a virgin, most often on December 25, frequently in a cave or manger, in order to save the world, who then dies, most of the time on a cross, is buried, usually in a cave, and then is resurrected and returns to heaven. Those who have faith (learn the secrets of his truth) will find God.

That's the story told by the Gospel of John. It was an ancient and well-known story in the first century CE.

So maybe God had nothing to do with the Gators' win? Maybe Tebow and his teammates did it all by themselves with no help from the three Christian deities? Maybe he didn't need to scribble on his face?

But some people are scared to death of the Bible. It's a magic book, filled with all kinds of dire predictions and promises and fearsome gods.

Perhaps that's why Tebow wore the verse on his face; not because he thought he manipulate God into giving him "strength" to win a victory, but simply to scare the hell out of the Sooners!


Kenny said...

Dear Jacob, When I read the reference of John 3:16 written on Tim Tebows eye black I put my name in where it says "world". For God so loved Kenny that He gave His only begotten Son.
I hope that you understand the winning combination of "love, gave, believe,life". My prayer is that Tim Tebow's eye black scripture reference will lead many away from hell and into everlasting life, including you, Jacob.

Jacob said...

Dear Kenny,

I appreciate your concern and I say this with love and affection: You are one sick puppy, and your god is a nasty deity, indeed.


GRAP said...

Jacob, I often read your blog especially in regard to these kind of issues. And although I don't agree with your views, I will not call you names or insult whatever it is you believe in. I found your reply to Kenny surprising and a little disappointing. I am usually amused by your replies the to the Christians who post things you don't agree with. Maybe Kenny hit a nerve. I don't know. But I think regardless of whether we are athiest, agnostic, jewish,christian, muslim, whatever, our goal should be peace. Not arguing over stuff like if God cares about a football game, or what someone believes. I'm happy to agree to disagree. But I think we can all be civil without putting each other down.

PhillyChief said...

The prayer is bullshit, thinking there's some "winning combination" in there is bullshit, believing all of us not subscribing to the bullshit fully deserve to be tortured for eternity is beyond insulting, and calling Kenny a "sick puppy" for subscribing to that and claiming that's in any way representative of love is, imo, being quite kind.

Jacob said...

Thanks, PhillyChief...appreciate your sentiments! And I checked out your blogs - very interesting...they are bookmarked!


Anonymous said...

Wow... a little research on Christianity wouldn't hurt. Have you ever read the entire book of John or did you just look up the one verse on Tebow's face? I could simply read one paragraph or a chapter from a book instead of the whole book. But to criticize that book by only reading a section of it? Why should anyone take thought to what I say?

"We must also wonder why the verse promises that those with faith will never die, when it is obvious that everyone dies?"
It's not talking about perishing on earth. It's talking about spiritual life. You may or may not agree with the spirit moving on, and that's fine. I too agree that everyone dies (and passes away on this earth), even those with faith. The Bible tells us that our bodies will return to the dust of the earth. But I don't wonder why this verse makes this promise. The promise refers to our spiritual life in Heaven. You're taking the verse out of context. It's only one verse in an entire book of verses. You're taking away from what the verse actually means. Yet, you already added something to it: "That's because they interpret it as being exclusionary; those who don't have faith are excluded from God's love and will burn forever in hellfire." Where does that verse mention anyone burning in hellfire? It doesn't: that's not how Christians intrepret the verse.(Sure, the Bible talks about the eternal damnation in fire, hell, but not in this verse.) So you choose to ignore the Heaven but can't help but mention the hellfire. That's quite a depressing viewpoint. But either way, I don't think Tebow used the verse to scare his opponents. I don't even know why you twisted a verse about hope into something about fear... unless it was intended to be funny, in which case I can see how it might be intended to be sarcastic and funny.


Jacob said...

Dear Jordan...

Where to start, seeing as how I've studied Xtianity all of my life?

You prove a point I've made over and over again...Xtns, in particular fundys, make the Bible say what their theology compels it to say.

Oh, by the way, I didn't choose one verse; Tebow did.

And of course it's exclusionary. If you don't accept Jesus as your personal savior you will burn in the fires of hell forever! That's not just what one must derive from John 3:16 but from how fundamentalist Christians interpret the entire New Testament.

Yeah, the theology of the fundys is depressing. The notion that a loving creator god plans to torture for all eternity in the fires of hell most of the people he created because they do not "believe" in some mythical construct having to do with a godly incarnation is pretty damn depressing.

That's typical fundy theology. And it's all the more so when you know they have no frigging clue as to what the Bible is all about nor do they understand the mythology in which the Christ is wrapped.

And where does it say anything about spiritual death. You just made that up because it fits your theology. Don't you know you must take the Bible literally? You can't make it say what you want it to. All 66 books are inerrant, too, so every single thing you read is absolutely true; even the stuff about creating the world in six days.

Have a nice day.


Have a nice day!


PhillyChief said...

Wow... a little research on Jacob wouldn't hurt. Have you ever read his entire blog or did you just look up this one post? You could simply read one paragraph or a post from a blog instead of the whole blog. But to criticize that blogger by only reading a section of it? Why should anyone take thought to what you say? ;)

Anonymous said...

I don't see why all of you are so focused on the religious aspect of this? Who cares if he has something on his face or his shirt or his pants, that is his problem and or his belief. I was at the game and I saw Tebow pass for TD's and throw ints as well as I watch him run for 1st downs and get sacked. NOT once did I see those black marks on his face with letters on them do anything SPECIAL!! I watched a very good championship game and both teams played great, it could have gone either way!!! The only special powers those words have are what YOU are giving them NOW by BITCHING about it!! STOP looking for something to bitch about like little girls!! Let it go and it will go away in time.

PhillyChief said...

Well I disagree that it'll go away in time

Jacob said...

I agree with you, PhillyChief. So long as people believe they have the "truth," this kind of thing will never go away.

It's funny, though, how seriously folks take all this. I intended to be satirical and "humorous."

The godly don't seem to find as funny the things I do.


Kenny said...

Dear Jacob, Tim is coming back again to University of Florida football team for the 2009 season. We will see if he wears John 3:16 on his eye black patches. Stay tuned for more evangelization of people who are interested in football.
I am praying that Tim Tebow maintains a life style that is worthy to be called Christian so that someone like you would be drawn to heaven.
Lord willing, I hope to send another message of the love of the God of Tim Tebow to you after the first game of the season for the Florida Gators. Go Gators. Go God of Tim Tebow.

PhillyChief said...

I'd stay in school too if I was him. I don't see him succeeding in the NFL, so live it up now while you can, right?

I don't know if the NFL has a policy about shit like this. They are fussy. You know, the "No Fun League".

Anonymous said...

Very well said Kenny. Tebow's testimony is awesome. If only more Christian Athletes would send this message, how great it would be.
Jacob, This verse is about the gift of Grace through Jesus Christ that God offers to all who will receive it. Jesus died that all may live eternally with Him in heaven and not have to suffer the torment of an eternal hell. God loved us so much that he did this for you and me. He did this, because He knows we are all sinners and there is no way we can make it to heaven without the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. God does not want anyone to go to hell. However, He does give each of us a free choice to accept his gift of eternal salvation through Jesus Christ or not. The reason God does this is because Christianity is about a personal relationship with God not a religion.
My prayer is this article you wrote is only the stepping stone to you receiving Jesus Christ as your personal Savior. If you have not already done this, I encourage you to write more articles so that more Christians can witness to you.

Jacob said...

This is a joke, right?

PhillyChief said...

God does not want anyone to go to hell.

Now see, that's bullshit since, you know, he set it all up allegedly, right? And the Jesus thing? Well, who's he saving everyone from? That's right, his daddy's wrath. I mean, it's like a cheesy mafia skit.
Hey, ah, you've got a nice soul there.
- Thanks
Shame if something were to happen to it
- Ow!
See what I mean?
- Why'd you do that?
Do what? Look, I love you so I don't want anything to happen to you, so, you know, for your own protection, pay my boy and he'll see your soul stays nice and safe. Capiche?

Jacob said...

By god, PhillyChief, I think you've got it!

Bob Poris said...

What about the majority of the world that does not accept Jesus but do have other Gods or philosophies? Don’t they count?

I am tired of the discussion of Tebow’s eyes or his belief. I wonder if a Muslim, a Jew or an atheist had a message on his body, would we be discussing it?

PhillyChief said...

I wonder if a Muslim, a Jew or an atheist had a message on his body, would we be discussing it?

Depends on the message, doesn't it?

Bob Poris said...

The Muslim and the Jew could quote from their holy books. The atheist could use same humanistic quote.

Anonymous said...

"It's funny, though, how seriously folks take all this. I intended to be satirical and 'humorous.'"

Why didn't you just reply to my first post with that? (Read the very last part of my first post.)


Bill said...

If you have studied Christianity then I am certain that you have read CS Lewis, 'Mere Christianity' in particular; if not I recommend that you read that one book; I'd like to hear your thoughts on it.

I, like you have studied Christianity with a skeptic's attitude. I am now a Christian and attend Dallas Theological Seminary.

A few points to consider:
It is likely that the universe (an effect) has a cause (see: cosmological argument and big bang). It is likely that that first cause needn't have a cause since time is a product of the universe mixed with consciousness. Sequence (cause-effect) is a time-thinker's logic and phenomenon.

It is a fact that man has the ability to consider himself and to notice beauty (unarguable). This ability to notice our thoughts and beauty is prima fascie evidence for our sharing at least something with the creator (souls).

If God were to offer redemption to free willed individuals what would you have done with those that chose not to accept it. Torture is imposed on someone, against their will. A choice for eternal separation from all things that are from God, like joy and love, will be worse than fire but nothing new (except in degree) to those who are now living apart from God. The difference is that now, at least there is still hope.

For now, for believers, we still hear "echoes of a song we have never heard...".

Read C S Lewis 'Mere Christianity'. It will take you two hours.

You don't want me to; however, I will pray for you.

Jacob said...

Oh, Bill...stop your praying. I've read C.S. Lewis 'til I'm blue in the face.

I just don't care to argue any of this with someone who hearing "echoes of a song..."

I'd recommend that you read Dan Barker's "Godless." If you get through that (a relatively easy read) and find that you can refute his arguments and your religious beliefs can still be justified...well, that would be very difficult, I think.

Perhaps you might also want to consider transferring to a real seminary. You need to get out of Dallas to get a real theological education. Dallas is a training school for fundies who like spoon-fed fundamentalist nonsense ...

Bill said...


I have listened to Barker. I believe that he is the ex-minister turned atheist activist. He writes books and argues in debates. He seems angry. I will read his book. I will order it now. Will you read mine?

I will get back to you with my take.

One last thing...It has always seemed bizarre to me that any atheist anywhere would spend one minute fighting the God that isn't there. Exactly what has Barker devoted his life to?


PhillyChief said...

What exactly are you basing the opinion that Dan Barker "seems angry" on?

Bill said...

Not his presentation at all, PhillyChief, he is well spoken and very collected. It is his life's work of 'evangelistic atheism'.

When I found out that there was no Santa Clause I had no instinct to make known to all believers that their Santa was a fairy tale. I can imagine though that the fuel for doing so would have been something like anger or bitterness.

He is a very smart man and I will enjoy reading his point of view I am sure. I will have the book in two days.

I enjoyed listening to Dawkins, Hitchens, Harris and Dennett hash things out in the famous round-table discussion called the four horsemen; however, I did find their arguments hollow. I trust that Barker will have more to say.

I am a big fan of debate and intelligent discourse.

PhillyChief said...

So anyone who evangelizes must be angry?

For the record, his life's work is not merely evangelizing for atheism. His evangelizing is far more geared towards defending the separation of church and state, which is a cause both atheist and theist can agree upon.

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