Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christian Anti-Defamation Commission attacks Obama

[Image of the Rev. Don Hamer]

Normal people might think that the title, "Christian Anti-Defamation Commission," would have something to do with defending "Christians" or "Christianity" from being defamed by nasty atheists and such.

Actually, no. At the beginning of this new year, America's CADC has it shorts in a knot about the "Christianity" of President-elect Barack Obama. The CADC has launched a viral attack on Obama's Christian faith or what they perceive as the lack thereof.

This is curious, for Obama has not "defamed" Christians or their faith; in fact, Obama is adamant in his Christian stance.

Not good enough for the goofballs at the CADC!

In seven videos, CADC explains why Barack Obama is not a Christian. The overall theme is "Barack Obama, who claims to be a Christian, is not a Christian, by any biblical or historic measure." Here's why:

Video #1 - Obama believes there are many paths to heaven. Omigod! Can you imagine? Obama thinks that maybe there is a god big enough to allow people through the Pearly Gates even though they don't dot every "i" and cross every "t" the way the CADC thinks they should?

Here's the problem: Obama says he believes "there are many paths to the same place." Then he turns right around and says, "Jesus is the only way for me."

And that, says the CADC, is "a stunning example of subtle, diabolical deceit."

Stunning, diabolical!

Well, to hell with you, Obama!

Video #2 - Obama denies the authority of the Bible. Omigod, again! Obama seems to be of the mind that everything in the Bible is not literally true, and that there might be errors of fact in those 66 books.

Oh, and Obama, "In a very cynical way ... twists selective scriptures to advance non-Biblical lifestyles using the golden rule supporting homosexual sodomy."

Ah...there it is. Obama is a threat to the CADC homophobic agenda!

Video #3 - Obama supports homosexuality. Omigod, again! In fact, he "is an unabashed supporter of special privileges for homosexuals, a stand that flies in the face of the biblical prohibition on homosexual sodomy." Yup. The CADC has flies in their face!

Video #4 - Obama supports abortion. Omigod, once more! And he's going to sign the Freedom of Choice Act. The CADC, consisting of people who lie for a living, then pervert Obama's record on abortion by claiming he voted four times "against bills that prevented the killing of infants that are born alive."

That is not true, and the goddamned CADC knows it!

Video #5 - Obama affirms Muslim Prayer. Well, this is just silly.

Video #6 - Obama is associated with Black Liberation Theology. Guilt by association? Oh, and you remember all those passages in the gospels where Jesus warned that anyone associated with Black Liberation Theology would have a special place in hell!

Racism? You betcha!

Video #7 - Obama has no Bona Fide Christian testimony. Who decides what is "bona fide?" The CADC, of course.

All of this is ridiculous nonsense, and a transparent attempt at character assassination. If there is any group or any person whose Christianity might be challenged it's the creeps that run this outfit, like Gary Cass or the clown that narrated the videos, Don Hamer.

These are very sick people, and they represent a christianist right that's had too much power in our country, and continues to exercise too much power.

Maybe if "real" Christians, and other people of conscience and goodwill, mock the CADC wingnuts long and hard enough, they will slink off to their dark and dirty dungeons and sink into their own slime.

Or they could just go get a real job.

If you desire to watch the videos, click here. More here.


Anonymous said...

I haven’t read or listened to any of the CADC material nor am I interested in doing so. But your statement “Oh, and you remember all those passages in the gospels where Jesus warned that anyone associated with Black Liberation Theology would have a special place in hell!”

How about this one, But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach to you a gospel contrary to and different from that which we preached to you, let him be accursed (anathema, devoted to destruction, doomed to eternal punishment)! As we said before, so I now say again: If anyone is preaching to you a gospel different from or contrary to that which you received [from us], let him be accursed (anathema, devoted to destruction, doomed to eternal punishment)! Gal 1:8-9

Anonymous said...

What is a Christian Jacob? Please use Biblical definitions, not worldly.

Jacob said...

There are many definitions in the Bible as to "Christian," oh, you who fails to use his/her name.

In fact, for over 400 years, there were literally hundreds of Christian groups with their own gospels and epistles all of which claimed to be Christian.

Do you want a definition from the Hebrew Bible? Omigod. That prob'ly wouldn't work too well.

How 'bout the Gospel of Mark? Or the Gospel of John. Maybe from one of Paul's letters? The forged letters of Timothy and Titus? Ah, let's try the Revelation of John. Nah, too confusing.

Hmmm. Maybe the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, or the Gospel of Thomas, or the Gospel of Judas, or the Shepherd of Hermas or one of the letters of Clement,etc. Those writings and hundreds more were all considered "authoritative" in the first few centures C.E.

I know you're putting me on. And I don't know why the hell I should bother. But...

How's this? Jesus said, "Follow me."

Your turn.

Bob Poris said...

I am not a Biblical scholar but have heard all kinds of terrible people start a sentence with “I am a Christian…” then spout bigotry, salacious stuff; hate talk, etc. It seems to be a word more misused than used in any meaningful way. KKK members claimed they were doing God’s work, as do skinheads, Nazis, the terrorists involved in the Oklahoma bombing, lynching’s in the South, genocide in Europe, and elsewhere, etc.

I thought a Christian was one that followed Christ’s teachings. The devil is in the details. Which teachings and interpreted by whom? If it were easy to follow Christ’s teachings, we would not have so many different denominations and interpretations, each of which insists theirs is the true word. He never wrote them down even though he could read and write the Scriptures he learned and preached as a child. What Scriptures did he learn and follow and why aren’t they followed today by His followers as they were when he lived? What changed? Who changed them and why?

Perhaps the scholars that read this can answer those questions in some coherent manner.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jacob, I'm with you on how infuriating and confusing being a Christian can be. Trying to make sense of theology within the world is enough to drive someone insane. I had to pull away from the Protestant/Evangelical church (was raised Catholic, and after my former husband left me, for various reasons, I found it unwelcoming at a time when I was desperately frightened and lonely). I read this CADC post of yours, and though I agree that their beliefs can be frustrating, I don't call them sick people for having those beliefs. Try to retain the grace that you ask of others while you walk your path, sound good?

Jacob said...

Well, maybe you're right. But, don't you think that claiming the name of Christ and then promoting a series of lies and theological nonsense to tear down the president of the United States is kinda sick?

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