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Contraception, a mortal sin, pollutes the environment

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Yup. Those little pills that women take to avoid unwanted pregnancies, are bad, bad, bad! That's according to the Roman Catholic poohbah, Pedro Jose Maria Simon Castellvi, president of the International Federation of Catholic Medical Associations.

I've a question for women "on the pill": Don't you feel just terrible? You're committing a mortal sin which means if you die before you confess said sin to the appropriate priestly authority, you'll spend eternity burning in hell. But not only that, you are also polluting the environment!

And that pollution causes male infertility!

Ye gods!

Yahoo News reports that Pedro Jose Maria Simon Castellvi says "We have sufficient evidence to state that a non-negligible cause of male infertility in the West is the environmental pollution caused by the pill."


How can that be? Pedro tells us that nasty little pill "has for some years had devastating effects on the environment by releasing tonnes of hormones into nature" via female urine.

Hey, that's what he said!

A number of organizations have disputed Pedro's nonsense.

It all has to do, of course, with the Vatican's stubborn insistence that God wants as many unwanted babies in the world as possible, so nobody can use birth control devices of any kind and the pill is one of the worst because it's so sneaky and Catholic women can indulge without their neighbors or their parish priest knowing!

Pope Benedict XVI hisself said back in October that contraception "means negating the truth of conjugal love, with which the divine gift (of life) is communicated."

Heh. Heh.

How the hell would this elderly and prostatic celibate gentleman have a goddamn clue about conjugal love?

The really funny part is that a majority of Roman Catholic women have simply ignored all papal pronouncements about contraception since contraception began!

Polluting the environment! What won't these clerical clowns think of next?

Link to Yahoo article here.

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