Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hamas hypocrisy

[Iraqi children killed by U.S. Marines]

Pundits around the world have called in to pronounce Israel guilty of over-reacting to the acts of Hamas. Protestors are marching in a number of cities, demanding the militant Israelis stop their attacks on Gaza.

While others, directly involved in this latest Israeli-Gazan violence, and much more knowledgeable than I, have defended the Israeli action with some cogency, I would raise a question with the naysayers: Where were all these protesters five years ago when the United States invaded Iraq setting off a conflagration which has left hundreds of thousands of Iraqis dead (many of which were civilians, including women and children), and millions more fleeing the country?

And how is it that we are treated to multiple photos of dead and dying Gazans but our media has conveniently forgotten to show us images of the havoc wreaked by our own forces in Iraq?

Israel has been under daily assault by Hamas for years. Israelis, for years, have lived with the threat, not only of rockets which appear suddenly and without warning over and over again, but also suicide bombers which turn Israeli marketplaces into bloody scenes of death.

Hamas denies Israel's right to exist, and in turn exists ONLY to drive Israel into the sea! Hamas is dedicated to the death of Israel. Hamas turns its resources into weapons and fires those weapons at Israel.

In 2003, the United States invaded a sovereign nation that posed no threat to us whatsoever! Iraq never attacked us! Iraq never attacked our allies. We attacked Iraq, leading to the destruction of the country, damage that has been been massive and pointless. Dead bodies, including those of women and children continue to litter the streets.

We not only do not see such things on the evening news, we are not allowed by our leaders to even view the caskets of our dead soldiers as they are brought back home for burial. Such sights might make people wonder if maybe God didn't tell Bush and company to take out Saddam.

Those who wish to protest what they feel is unnecessary war and gratuitous violence should head to Washington, D.C. and lead marches against the Bush administration and all of its subdivisions, which created the world's largest killing machine and which, for the past five years, has used that killing machine to extend American hegemony over the Middle East.

Unfortunately, that killing machine not only killed Iraqis who stood in the way of the Bushite dream, but is responsible for the murder of hundreds of thousands of innocents men, women and children.


Anonymous said...

It seems that the only civilians in the entire world that are endangered, live in Gaza. I am glad to know that the innocent civilians that still are alive in Darfur, the Congo, Sudan, Ethiopia, Iraq, Israel etc are no longer in danger. I must have missed something in our media that failed to report that violence has stopped everywhere in the world. That is the only reason I can see for the absence of protestors on the streets of the world and in the UN. For some reason all of the above accepted three years of rockets fired from Gaza, after Israel pulled out in 2005, that were fired into civilian areas inside Israel. I guess Israeli citizens are not considered to be “innocent” civilians. The same logic applies to the victims of suicide bombings in Israel and Iraq. Where are the protests? Why doesn’t the world’s media report the facts?
Bob Poris

Bob Poris said...

What would happen if Israel created a variety of areas in southern Israel and bused the protesters of the war to them? Schools and hospitals might be good places for the protestors. They could protest all day and night in clean surroundings without the police bothering them. Reporters could also be sent to the area so they could file their reports. They could be joined by the members of the Knesset that oppose fighting back. Perhaps they could experience what the citizens of the South are experiencing and could give them advice as to how to handle incoming fire. The influx would be good for the local economy too. The restaurants and hotels could use the extra traffic and TV could also cover them. Make sure they dress like civilians so all understand they are not armed or capable of fighting back.

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