Saturday, January 3, 2009

Financial Armageddon by John Hagee

The christianist TV evangelist, war-monger, Iran bomber, rapture ready, Jew-hater John Hagee has, for reasons unknown, put the spiritual Armageddon on the back burner and has come out with a new work titled "Financial Armageddon."

It's obvious that Hagee isn't too worried about the spiritual Armageddon any more, because if he thought it was imminent he would not be writing about surviving "the devastation of an economic collapse."

It is also likely with Mr. Bush soon to leave the Oval Office (not soon enough, however) Hagee's dreams of a war between the U.S., Iran and Israel which he believes the precursor to the end of the world has been postponed. Obama is not as likely to be taken in as Bush was by Hagee's insane rantings.

And a man's gotta make a few million out of whatever crisis is at hand, right? Yup. So ol' John wrote this new book and because "We are in a battle for our very survival," he's gonna tell you what you need to know. In this tract, you will:

1. Discover how oil will become the ultimate weapon of war. (that's from the Song of Solomon, I think - body oil?).

2. Learn the four events that will cause the West to implode. (the Rose Bowl, Citrus Bowl, Cotton Bowl and the Super Bowl).

3. Keep your investments from funding the enemy's advance. (send your money directly to John Hagee's account at the San Antonio National Bank, #555478777666 - I'magettit).

4. Why energy independence is key to our survival. (drill, baby, drill).

Now you can treat yourself to a download of this important stuff by clicking here which will bring you to the christianist Charisma magazine site.

Just try not to get too excited if you read the Song of Solomon. Bring your own oil.


Distributorcap said...

all of these guys are the downfall of America - Hagee, Robertson, the glad he is dead Falwell, and Rick Warren -- they are all evil bastards

Anonymous said...

I found your rant very interesting. Here in the United States we are fortunate to have the freedom to make the kinds of comments that John Hagee makes, to post blogs mocking them, and to respond to the blog like I am doing. Anyone who reads this should feel happy to comment about me long after I am gone. What I found most interesting about your rant is your intolerance for a differing point of view, i.e. that of Hagee. While from a purely secular point of view, what Hagee preaches may be harsh and insensitive, what you fail to acknowledge in your blog is that ministers have long been allowed the freedom to preach with conviction the Bible and its doctrines. Hagee, being a minister of God, -- whether you agree with that association or not -- doesn't have the luxury of choosing popular doctrine or of stressing only the items of the Bible which are unoffensive. If he is truly a man of God called by God to preach God's word to the masses of humanity at the end of times, then he doesn't have the same opportunity you do to choose his message. He has to rant about what is written. What I read into your message is a refusal to tolerate perceived intolerance on the other side of the argument, and I find that the height of irony. And unlike my friend's comment above mine, I would suggest THAT is what is going to be the downfall of America -- intolerance. If we all want a world in which we all agree, and if we disapprove of intolerance in all its ugly forms, then make an intelligent argument which supports your case. If you dumb down your comments to ridiculous, inflamatory rhetoric with constant use of the superlative, which you did, then your blog reads like the headlines of the Inquirer. Maybe you are reaching your target audience that way, but you are not reaching your potential -- the thinking masses who can be moved with a sound argument. The one thing about your rant I agreed with is Hagee preaching to save the people from the pulpit, while at the same time selling and profiting from that message at the base of the pulpit. Relatively few people are purely evil. There is room for disagreement on all sides of these issues. But name-calling and sillyness dumbs down everything to a third-grade level.

Bob Poris said...

What a great reply! I say amen!!!

Mihkel said...

It's interesting that Anonymous thinks that we should all be more tolerant of each other's opinions. If tolerance were the core of Hagee's message I would agree. However, a preacher who condems Catholics while at the same time building fanatical support for militant Zionism at the expense of all other nations and peoples could hardly be held up as a model of tolerance. I understand the rhetorical and "intollerant" criticism levelled at Hagee because as a poerful figure who is leading millions astray, he has done precious little to earn the respect of any reasonably well-informed human being. Hagee's personal agenda unfortunately has nothing at all to do with Jesus' message of love. Instead he picks verses out of the Bible and carefully re-assembles them until they coincide with his mad hypostheses about the end times. Also note that most of his predictions have been dead wrong. This man would be ridiculous if he weren't so dangerous.

Jacob said...

Mihkel: Thank you. I agree that Hagee is not just some harmless nut. He's got thousands of people believing in the nonsensical crap he preaches which makes him a very dangerous man, indeed!

Nevi said...

When you hear people tell you of literal things like Finacial Armageddon, and things of the 'Rapture' etc, guard yourselves. While much of what you hear may be true, some interpretation of very literal stuff, can throw many off a cliff.

No doubt you all heard the stories made up about the new financial system,and the chips to be inserted in people's heads etc? Movies have been made out of these intrpretations..take care, for a few have the ability to lead millions astray. The symbolisms of horns,and crowns and stars, are not exactly what many would have millions believe, because not everything is assigned to 'leaders'and 'nations' and what are deemed as antichrists, are not solely 'people'...these symbolisms relate to quanum time/events/and systems of world operations too.
In truth, you see the world move to a time of trepidation, unparalleled in the history of mankind, but don't fool yourself and think the Lord is suddenly appearing now, or that people will be raptured into heaven, for all these days have not yet arrived, and will not for some time yet.

First of all, believers are not required to delve into revelation, for the keys to the seals,are given only to the holders.
But, so that you learn a little..The beast that rises out of the sea, and out of the land..are one and the same- OIL: If you calculate the number:O = 15 ..I = 9..L = 12... The sum of these is 36 ..of which the 2 composites are 18 and 18 ,and herein, is hidden the 666..and 666 which let you know that the two references,are to one.
In this, you will also understand that OIL , is indeed a 'weapon of mass destruction’ because you now see clearly the damage it causes across the nations,and leads nations to war…compared to what people tout as ‘nuclear’ the damage is much more widespread…this is not to say that nuclear power is not dangerous, or threatens the globe or that no other perceived weapons of mass destruction exist on the earth. The point to understand here is, do not confine yourself to physical, or very literal understandings.

In knowing this small detail, you will become more aware of what not being able to buy or sell without the mark is.

Well, perhaps I should explain that a bit more, seeing that many are so confined to literal.
'The right hand' not physically the 'right hand'..Listen carefully.
When you say..He's my right hand means 'of importance' So, to the traders ..the 'right hand' is actually the computer they work on. In everyday life today, in modern society, is not your every action guided by computer or mobile information?? So, that is your 'right hand' .

So....when it is said that all receive the mark, it really just means that NO TRADE DEAL is , or can be effected without KNOWING the OIL PRICE. Every trade commodity on this planet hinges on the daily price of oil. In knowing this , you now easily understand the mark on the forehead..this is very much simpler..Again, you have no need to hunt for a physical mark. The morons of the world, and satan's dumbest pawns, tattoo themselves etc, and cut marks of 666 into their scalps etc..and the movies and media show you all kind of fantastic illusions ( again I say..remember who the prince of the power of the air and airwaves is) The truth however, is that this serves its purpose to really redirect people's minds and take you on mindtrips of implants etc..Satan is really witty, and does have a laugh at how simple it is , to deceive even the faithful, and scare you off track. This is how every person on the planet is affected..whether believer or the free world, or those under dictatorships (this is meant by 'slave'..and incidentally, the very ones that cry 'slavery' are indeed slaves, but to their own minds and they will die and be erased from the earth in that belief.) To all those I shall say..Free yourself from the crutch of blaming others for the downfall of yourselves, and take responsibility and learn to make correct judgements..or perish. For the witty : 'Slave' applies to anyone with the chip. ''What chip ?'' you'll say. Any man can be free, and still be a slave.

All sin, and do not think that even the appointed of God do not fall in ways - what is important is corrective action, guided by the power of the Spirit. The dramatics begin, when those appointees defy correction and begin to propogate their wrongs, among the others of God, to lead them astray : Here, marks the beginning of judgement on those.

To have the mark on the forehead, is now very much simpler for you to understand. No trader really goes to bed, or rises really without wondering what the oil price will be, and that is the foremost thought on the mind of ANY international or local commodity trader. Even if you are not in direct trade, that singular factor really affects whether you post a parcel, or what price you will get if you planted carrots, or what price you will pay if you buy onions.

So , don't go scaring yourself by thinking you'll get injected, or secretly chipped etc..I have to admit, people can be really silly, and really lay themselves open to delusion quite easily. When you do that..then you are swept away quite easily, over the edge of a cliff, along with many. To have the mark, can easily apply to followers of the Lord too , because really in this world, you are guided by many things that are beyond your control. To have the mark of the Lamb on your forehead, means really acknowledging Yeshuah , Son of Yahweh foremost, in mind, heart and spirit. Yet, even then, the world accepts others. This is the nature of man, and the reason why Jesus Christ was torn to pieces, by his own. Do you really think 'antichrists'and other evils just sweep into view, and say here I am??, they slip in..undeected, and millions across the globe see nothing.

Take care that you are not deceived by very literal interpretations of many scriptural things..Where are the 4 corners of the earth?( How could a geoid earth (spherical shape) have 4 coners?) See, scripture tells you 'A time is coming,and is already here'..Its impossible for you to fathom what that may mean, in the context of the everyday world.

Deception, is the order of the day now, and in the coming financial devastation, even people that believe in God will curse God..What does it mean to you that even the 'elect' will be deceived? The very foundations of the churches will shatter by deception. Look at he cardinal deceptions of 'Mary of Lourdes'? See..the world runs..but nobody questioned the 18 was all too beautiful, and inviting..yet the scriptures tell you clearly,any spirit from God, MUST acknowledge Jesus Christ ( Yeshuah) as the SON of GOD as coming in the flesh.

People's ideas of 'tolerance'are skewed. Hagee is not a 'bad' pastor, but does have the tendency to misinterpret some stuff ( he is after all a person) but his message however intolerant some may feel that to be, is actually true for the most part.People like to hear all 'nice'stuff..but reality of scripture, is not about that alone.

Leana said...

Hey, all:

At this late reading of the above posts, too much of Christianity in American appears to have been taken hostage by a recalcitrant and obtuse militant ignorance otherwise known as biblical literalism.


Jacob said...

@ Leana - You are certainly right about that! Most Christians have no clue what the Bible is all about; or even what's in it. They know nothing about how it came to be, the writers involved, the tall tales woven into fictional heritage stories, how it was all put together, etc., etc.

The most ignorant are usually the ones most "recalcitrant," "obtuse," and "militant."

Thanks for writing!

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