Saturday, January 3, 2009

A devotional on Christ and his bride

The Holy Ghost - Hear him coo, calling you!

[Photo by Oleg Babinets]

I apologize to all my readers for printing this. But after about two seconds of internal debate, I concluded that it is important for reasonable people to try to understand the mind of the christianist wingnut.

Of course, reading this will not help you understand the mind of a christianist wingnut. But it will, I believe, confirm in your own mind that christianist wingnuts live in their own little wingnut world, and should wear badges that proclaim them to be of the wingnuttery clan.

What follows is a "devotional" by Maria Woodworth-Etter, who is no doubt a true christianist and a good person. That does not, however, excuse this so-called "devotional." Perhaps if you took a little Pepto-Bismol before reading...whatever, here it is:

"Christ is Preparing His Bride

"The King of Glory will be married to His Bride. Don't you know that every good thing the world enjoys, God is going to let us enjoy ten-thousand fold? There will be the greatest banquet, the most wonderful occasion ever heard of, when we shall eat bread and drink wine in the kingdom. The bride is now in training. The Holy Ghost is the dove.

"The singing is the cooing of the dove before the storm. Did you ever hear the doves before the storm, call to their mates to seek shelter? So the Holy Ghost is cooing and chirping, calling us to seek shelter from the tribulation storms that are coming upon the earth. The Lord has us in training, making our bodies light and supple so that we can go up.

"May the Lord help us to be filled with the Holy Ghost so that we can rise. It is the only moving power in the church of Christ, His mighty agent. He wants us to carry on His business through His body. Let us get the fire from heaven that will enable us to do business for God, and be careful that we do not attribute the power of God to the devil, lest we commit the unpardonable sin."

What can possibly be said about that?

[Above devotional from Charisma magazine]

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