Saturday, January 3, 2009

The bioethical Vatican document

[Representatives of the "updated" Roman Church]

About a month ago, the Vatican put out a document defining its stance on various bioethical issues.

The following are immoral, according to God's poohbahs in Rome:

Artificial insemination (and other fertilization techniques)

Human cloning and freezing embryos

Embryonic stem-cell research

"Morning-after" drugs (or any drugs that block a pregnancy, such as the RU-486 drug). Such drugs, as well as the IUD, are considered "within the sin of abortion."

You will be glad to know that the Vatican document, known as "Dignitas Personae, an Instruction of Certain Bioethical Questions," is the Vatican's method of bringing the Roman Catholic Church "up to date with recent advances in science and medicine."

Heh. Heh.


Bob Poris said...

How do they feel about condoms, masturbation, orgasms without penetration, etc? I think they are against them all too. It is a wonder that they are not all always angry, tense, etc. What is the position re nocturnal emissions?

Tommy Korioth said...

Nocturnal emissions are regarded as sins of omission. - punishment is usually met out by an elder priest to the young boys.

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