Saturday, October 4, 2008

Palin & McCain - the continuing Republican meltdown

A guest post by Bob Poris

Palin is not qualified to run a hot dog stand!

I hope the handful of U.S. citizens who reside in Alaska are happy with her and her friends.

Palin's husband, name of Todd, wants to secede from the Union and she has to be cleared of the influence of witchcraft periodically. Most of Alaska is owned by the same government that she wants to get out of the way; the one that pays for almost everything, including those gas profits which are shared among the residents of Alaska.

The situation in Alaska under the governor would seem to be a precursor to the Socialism we now have in the United States, with the government owning a great deal of our financial system. Palin is an idiot and McCain's choosing her was a an act of monumental cynicism. He should be ashamed of himself. Neither McCain nor Palin know the duties of the VP because neither care about the Constitution anymore than do Cheney or Bush. Now that we cured the problem of not allowing a large bank to fail by creating two even larger entities that certainly cannot be allowed to fail, we should consider making it mandatory that all elected representatives pass a course in elementary Civics before being sworn in.

I am so glad I have no mortgage or debts. The Republicans that love the past fourteen years can live with their theories of trickle down. I p---s on them and that can trickle down. I have been a disabled vet longer than McCain, am smarter and have no thoughts of becoming President. He should retire to one of his homes and drive his many cars around. He has never drawn a paycheck or paid for his schooling, his health care, etc., in his life. All his income (other than his allowance from his wife) has derived from the same government he thinks should get out of the way. Even the five planes he crashed were paid for by the government. He is a devoted Socialist but doesn’t know it.

I am disgusted with a man I once admired before I reviewed his voting history. He is an ancient warrior and should be fighting the crusades back a few centuries.

I like the thought of a black family in the White House with white servants. It will be an improvement over the current occupants!


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Bravo, Bob!
Bob Poris

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