Friday, October 3, 2008

George W. Bush in a skirt

Don't you just love it? When the "Troopergate" investigation began looking into Palin's actions with regard to getting her ex-brother-in-law fired, she said she welcomed the quest and she wanted the truth to come out.

Suddenly, she doesn't want the truth to come out. Someone has said that Palin is George W. Bush in a skirt. That's about as accurate a statement as can be made about this fake "reformer" from Alaska!

Her minions are refusing subpoenas which would require them to tell the truth under oath. Her lawyers have now filed an "emergency" appeal to the Alaska Supreme Court to try to halt the investigation under the specious charge that it is "politically" motivated.

We have had crooks and criminals in the White House for nearly eight years! We sure as hell don't need another four years of the same kind of miscreants inhabiting the highest offices of our land!

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Anonymous said...

The electorate gets what it deserves! They want to vote for an unqualified lady that refuses to answer questions, doesn’t know the Constitution defines the role of the VP. etc. Germans voted for Hitler and got what they deserved. Russians voted for communism and got what they deserve. I do not deserve what the other voters gave me, but I did vote and lost. How did the republicans manage to turn our financial system into a Socialist system in such a short time? When Government owns the banks, that is classic Socialism. Get used to it and I hope you readers have no debt and great credit. Your life style will change more than the fat cats will, with or without more taxes. The taxes will pay for much of what we will need. It is a cinch we will not be able to, if we are not working or on a government pension of some sort, even a teacher’s pension is government. Do you all really want government out of the way so the idiots can do as they wish? I don’t. Palin/McCain really do not understand how it works. They both get paid by government thru your tax dollars. McCain has been educated and paid all his life by us as a member of the military. He has never earned a [paycheck from a business. His wife has and has done well. You are rich if you have more cars than people in your family and the same for homes. It also pays to have had a rich daddy.
Bob Poris

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