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Idiots R Us - #4

At first I thought the story as to which of our States would survive a "Zombie Apocalypse" was an April Fool's joke.  But the dateline of the story was March 28, updated on March 31. 

It's doubtless a prank, but what kind of freaking world do we live in when some folks think a possible Zombie Apocalypse is worth a long article on the Huffington Post? 

The scariest part of this is that there are doubtless idiots among us who really believe in Zombies and that dead people come back to life and eat brains.

For all the stupids out there:  There are no such things as Zombies!  Dead people are called dead for a reason:  they are dead! 

For the stupids who write such articles, even in fun, Get a Life!

This is also from the Huffington Post.  "Texas Workforce Solutions in Dallas received a job application by email ... from a man who also attached a picture of a penis.

The idiot did not get the job.  He got charged "with obscene display or distribution, a misdemeanor.

Being a teenager can be difficult.  The teen years are challenging.  Many teens have not yet left their childhood behind.  They are stupid.  Some of these stupid kids are playing a game called the "Eraser Challenge." 

The "game" involves erasing your "skin while saying the alphabet and coming up with a word for each letter."  Some of the stupids have suffered "pretty severe wounds."

Sheesh!  The next thing will probably be tattoos!  Idiots!

Gun control.  The NRA's position is stupid.  Always has been stupid.  They fight every reasonable attempt to control weapons, to help stop the killing that goes on in our society.

The State of New York has gun control laws which are more strict than most other states.  Lots of people are upset about this.  These folks believe the 2nd Amendment means they have the right to bear arms, that there should be no controls whatsoever and they ought to be able to purchase any type of weapon or ammunition.

My opinion as an American historian is that the 2nd amendment does not guarantee the right to bear arms to individual citizens.  It was never intended to be interpreted in that manner!  And Donald Trump who was railing against gun control at a rally in Albany, New York, is an idiot and full of crap.

The 2nd amendment allowed the states to set up militias for their defense.  Militias, like the National Guard! 

Here's how it reads:  "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

Back in the day, men might be called up at any time to form a militia.  They would need weapons at the ready.  That didn't mean that every Tom, Harry and other Dicks should walk around armed to the teeth and shoot those who they perceived to be a threat (as a Florida law allows)!

The right to bear arms had to do with being part of a State militia.

The NRA has successfully sold the American people a bill of goods.  The NRA is not a defender of freedom but an enemy of common sense and the Commonwealth.

One final comment:  Let's say that the 2nd amendment does mean that everyone can have any old weapon he or she desires.  If that were true then it's about time the 2nd amendment is changed to reflect the danger guns pose to our society!

Here we go again.  It's not the shroud this time, it's the Holy Grail, the "cup" that Jesus drank from at the Last Supper. 

"Some historians" are claiming this is the historic chalice.

Stop!  The Jesus of the Gospels is a mythical figure, created many years after his supposed life came to an end in order to give some historical bones to the "Christ" figure that Paul had seen in one of his visions! 

There was no Jesus, there was no Last Supper, there was no "cup," and if there were such a thing it wouldn't be an "onyx goblet ... now encased in a gold chalice" and it wouldn't be residing in a church in Spain.

The Roman church in particular has made millions of buckaroos and converts by claiming to possess the bones of a saint, or some other artifact dating back to the early centuries.  There have been enough bones of the crucified Christ and enough nails from his cross to build a cathedral!

If you read Paul's authentic letters in the New Testament, which, by the way, are the earliest of the New Testament books, you will note he never shows the least bit of interest in anything about the so-called "historical" Jesus.  He never mentions Jesus, except in a couple of notations which are challenged by scholars.  He's all about his Christ figure who lives in the heavens.  Even when he goes to Jerusalem, he shows no interest in seeing where Jesus was crucified or any other site of his reported life.  He shows no interest in Jesus' physical appearance or his clothing and for damn sure, he cared nothing about the "cup" used in the Last Supper. 

Isn't it interesting that nowhere in the Gospels nor in Paul's writings nor anywhere else is there a physical description of Jesus?  

At the time Jesus is said to have lived, there were many people writing of the events of the times.  The Romans also kept meticulous records of their entire empire.  Nowhere is there any mention of Jesus or of any incidents of Jesus' life as recorded in the Gospels.

Enough with shrouds and cups.  If you really believe in Jesus and what he said, go out and take care of the sick and the poor and those in prison.  

Hobby Lobby is run by a right-wing fundamentalist Christian who does not want his company's insurance program to pay for emergency contraceptives, or intrauterine devices or abortion-inducing medications for Hobby Lobby employees.  Such a thing would violate his Christian beliefs, he says.

The funny thing here is that if Hobby Lobby is successful in this case now before the U.S. Supremes, it will mean that the corporation is acting out the beliefs of an individual and therefore the corporation can no longer hide behind the artificial nonsense that it is not responsible for its actions.

Furthermore, and this gets even more humorous, today it was revealed that Hobby Lobby's retirement plan has invested millions of dollars in a variety of companies that produce the very things Hobby Lobby is railing against! 

In other words, Hobby Lobby and its owner are huge hypocrites. 

But this is not what it's all about.  It's really about opening the door for Christians to force the government to bow to their wishes and begin the creation of a theocratic system.

His name is Scott Lively.  He's running for governor of Massachusetts.  He's an active anti-gay fundamentalist Christian pastor who has said that Obama supports LBGT rights because he might be gay, who travels around the world preaching hatred of homosexuals, who claims he's at least partly responsible for Russia's anti-gay laws, who authored a book called the "Pink Swastika:  Because Academic Integrity is Overrated" - it's this idiot who said recently he'd think it would be really fine if gay folks either submit to anti-gay therapy (which has been proven time and again to be ineffective) or be put in jail.

Hallejuah.  Praise the Lord.  This son-of-a-bitch is preaching the Gospel of Jesus.  Or not.

Sister Jane Dominic Laurel is another idiot - but she's also a Roman Catholic nun.  This idiot gave a lecture on "masculinity and femininity" at a Catholic high school in North Carolina.  Here's some of what this truth-challenged nuncompoop said:

Masturbation will probably make a boy gay.  Not girls?  And boys living with a single mom will be more likely to be gay because they have no father around to show them how to be masculine.  Heh, heh.  Yes, she really said this.

She also said that gay men are promiscuous and that gay couples abuse their children. 

Once again a spokesperson for the Roman church publicly exhibits ignorance, stupidity and hatred. 

We know from various surveys that 25-50% of priests/seminarians are gay.  I wonder what is the percentage of gay nuns.  Sister Jane didn't speak to those issues.  Could she possibly be gay?

One of the biggest idiots to inhabit our Congress is a character name of Louis Gohmert who is a 
Repugnican from Texas.  Gohmert either can't read or cannot understand what he reads.  He is ignorant of history and exposes his ignorance bolstered by his stupidity over and over again in public.

We've all heard of the "wall of separation between church and state" as stated in our Constitution.  Well, Mr. Gohmert, who has a difficult time mastering the thinking process, says "the constitutional separation between church and state was meant to be a 'one-way' wall where the 'church plays a role in the state.'"

You know the old saw about leading a horse to water but being unable to make him drink.  An updated version is that you lead an old Gohmert to the facts, but you can't make him learn anything.

He's an embarrassment to Texas and to the United States. 

And finally, a sports hero idiot.  He's being hailed as another Tebow and he says that's a good thing because Tebow stands up for his faith and loves Jesus. 

Trevor Knight is a star quarterback for Oklahoma and he loves to share his Christian faith. 

Well, I've got a suggestion:  Shut the f... up!  I don't care what your religious faith is.  I don't care if you've had a personal experience with the Flying Spaghetti Monster.  I don't care if your faith lifts your arm and helps you throw the football or calms the butterflies in your stomach when you go out on a date with a pretty girl.

Because you can throw a football does not mean you're not an idiot.  Your stardom does not give credence to your admiration for mythical figures in the sky or legendary characters from a couple of millenia ago. 

Fortunately, I can turn you off with a push of a button.  But, because you're a star you've got a captive audience made up of fanatics (fans) and it's really tiresome to hear you blather on about how your faith has helped you deal with adversity. 

Just throw the damn football.

Here ends the sermon for this day!

[Thanks to Atheist Cartoons.]

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William Kendall said...

Scott Lively seems to be adding credence to my theory that all Scotts are wankers. I have yet to meet a Scott who wasn't a complete git.

It seems that everyone who brings up the Second Amendment completely ignores the "well regulated" element of it.

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