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Idiots R Us - #3

Money still talks.  Robert H. Richards IV is an heir to the du Pont fortune.  He's not gainfully employed.  He raped his 3-year old daughter.  He said it was an "accident."  Superior Court Judge, Jan Jurden let him off because he "will not fare well" in prison.

How the hell do you "accidentally" rape a 3-year old child?  Since when do we let people go free because the won't "fare well" in prison?  Who the hell fares well in prison?

If you're a poor person, white or black, and caught with marijuana, some states would put you in prison where you would not fare well for 20 years.

Judge Jurden should resign.  Richards should be locked up for a good long time. 

Good luck with that!

Ted Nugent's latest insult directed toward the president of these United States consisted of calling the President a "subhuman mongrel."  It is hard to fathom what goes on in the mini-mind of Mr. Nugent, who because he is a musician, thinks he can speak of the leader of this country in such a disparaging manner.

One article I read said that "everyone" is offended by this insult.  But it mentioned only Rick Perry and Rand Paul.  Perry noted Nugent's blast was not appropriate language.  When asked to comment about the fact that Greg Abbott, a Repugnican running for governor of the oil state, hangs out with Nugent and has been blessed by Nugent, Perry refused to comment. 

These hypocritical Repugnicans should be ashamed of themselves.  Ever since Mr. Obama was elected, they have reviled him in all kinds of ways, questioning his birthplace, claiming that he's destroying the country, publicly calling for his impeachment.  Others have slandered him in ways just as offensive as Nugent.

So, Nugent, bless his filthy little heart, is just following the lead of Repugnican leaders.

Paul Ryan, as the House Budget Committee Chairman, has come up with another "not-so-new" Repugnican budget plan that is tailored to "balance the budget" on the backs of the poor, the elderly and the young.  He calls this a "balanced" plan.

Ryan, a Roman Catholic who has adopted the atheist Ayn Rand as his political mentor/guru, believes that the elderly are feeding in the trough of government largess, that the poor are poor because they don't want to work - it's their culture you know, and kids today just don't have what it takes.

So, Ryan's budget, over the next ten years, would lop $5.1 trillion in federal spending.  It would cut food stamps, and several programs such as pensions for federal workers and Pell Grants for poor college students.  It would cut health care for the poor and working class.  The Huffington Post says it would "steer away from cuts to benefits for senior citizens, at least in the short term, but reprises a voucher-like Medicare program for future retirees."

Here's a suggestion:  Leave the poor, the old, and the working class the hell alone!  Tax the rich.  Make GE and Boeing and other companies pay at least some taxes.  Stop allowing companies to hide profits off-shore.  Stop gifting the oil companies huge subsidies when they're raking in billions of dollars in profit every year. 

And here's another suggestion, Mr. Ryan:  cut your own goddamn health care and your pension and leave the rest of us to live out our days in peace!

Oh, you might also try to pass some bills which would create more jobs. 

Bethlehem Community Church in Laurel, Mississippi, pranked its parishioners by implying former president Georgi Bushki would be giving a "biblical" message.  Church officials didn't mention any names, but rather spoke of a "mystery guest."

They did line the "entrance to the church with American flags," and hired men to look like secret service agents.

The "Bush" that showed up, however, was an impersonator named John Morgan, who looks and acts much like the real Georgi W. Bushki.

Just goes to show, you can't believe anything these churches say and they'll do just about anything to get you in the door and pick your pocket!

Did you hear about the Minnesota couple who scammed the assistance program of that state out of $165,000 while living large, with several million in secret bank accounts and a mansion plus yacht in Florida?

And you thought all welfare scammers were poor black single moms with lots of kids!

The truth is that neither the Minnesota couple, nor poor folks of whatever color, are a threat to our system or our financial situation.  It's the corporations who receive huge amounts of money every year as gifts from the rest of us that are scamming the system and creating our budgetary crisis. 

Some Repugs like to talk as if Social Security is going to be the financial downfall of the United States.  That's total bullshit!  Social Security is solvent and with no adjustments will continue just fine for at least 3 more decades.  And all could be well forever and ever if the rich paid in their fair share to the Social Security system and if Congress would stop "borrowing" Social Security monies to fund their pet projects.

According to an article by Joan McCarter at Daily Kos, Republican states which have failed to implement the Medicaid expansion have kept millions of children from being covered by health insurance.

"[...] in states not implementing the Medicaid expansion, children account for 75% of the uninsured eligible for Medicaid or CHIP."

Even in states which did accept the Medicaid expansion, many children have been left out because people were not informed as to the availability of health care or how to go about getting it. 

There are 14 million uninsured individuals eligible for this insurance.  5.2 million of these are children.

Way to go, GOP!!!

Ted Cruz is not known to be a funny guy.  He isn't a funny guy.  He's an unhappy, cruel and miserable SOB.  But what he did on Facebook was funny.  He asked his "friends" to answer "an informal survey on his verified senatorial Facebook page." 

Obamacare is now four years old.  Cruz wanted to know if his friends were better off now than the were before the ACA.  They were instructed to answer "Yes" or "No".

"It's probably fair to say that he didn't expect the tsunami of "YES" votes that have shown up on the page among the 47,000 that Facebooks says have been posted."

The Yes people liked not being disqualified because of pre-existing conditions; they liked (if they were young) to stay on their parent's insurance up to age 26, and they liked the lower premiums and no lifetime benefit limits.

I'm laughing. 

[The above is from The Jed Report on Daily Kos]

Daniel Lapin is an Orthodox Jewish rabbi, and represents the Orthodox Jewish answer to Christianity's prosperity gospel.  Lapin is not an idiot, but something close, clothed in religious garb but spewing nonsense nonstop.

Lapin was on Pat Robertson's 700 Club recently.  He has a new book to promote, which deals with the "ancient Jewish wisdom" of "making money."

Robertson is an idiot.  Which makes me think that Lapin must be, too, just for appearing on Robertson's show.  Robertson raised the old saw about all Jews being rich and wanted to know how they "prosper financially."

It went downhill from there.  Lapin claimed that paying a mechanic to fix his BMW or a kid to mow his lawn was "taking care of God's other children."  Really.  That's what he said!

But here's the kicker:  God doesn't want anyone to be an adolescent or to retire.  Lapin says there are no Jewish words for "adolescent" or "retire" so the obvious conclusion is that to be an adolescent or a retiree is bad.  Robertson said he thought Lapin to be right, that to retire is to violate God's law.

And finally, Lapin charged that the U.S. government has become Marxist and has made its people slaves.

I rescind my earlier statement:  Lapin IS an idiot!  Maybe there is a hell where he and Robertson can tell each other stories for all eternity. 

How to know God is real.  There are seven things.  You'll be convinced.  Or not.  These are from a Christianist by name of J. Lee Grady who writes at the fundy Charisma website. 

1.  Babies.  Yup.  Just look at that wonderful little baby and consider all the stuff in that baby's DNA and you'll be convinced that god is real.   Of course an ape has 98 percent of the same DNA and a mouse is very similar in terms of DNA to humans, but...

2.  Thunderstorms.  Really.  I'm serious.  This is what he wrote.  You'll know God is real by watching thunderstorms from your back porch; especially if you live in Florida.  Like St. Paul said, "creation was the best evidence of God's existence."  Hmmm.  Tell that to the victims of a tsunami, or a tornado, or a snowstorm, or a mudslide, or...well, I don't think thunderstorms are going to convince anyone that there is a God.  Might convince some there is no god!

3.  Flowers.  Most are not edible.  They are just to make the world look better.  It couldn't be they just evolved.  Nope, a "loving God" created "each individual shape and color scheme for our enjoyment."  "Well, except for that damn plant that clamps around you and smothers you to death or that damn Florida vine that destroyed everything around it in my back yard!  Nah, flowers aren't gonna do it.

4.  The Bible.  Oh boy.  I think if anyone reads the Bible with an open mind he or she will quickly become convinced that the god of the Bible is a horrible, mythical creature that best be forgotten.  He's the one who created millions of people in such a way that they "misbehaved," so he decided to kill them off except for one pederast by name of Noah.  Then he re-peopled the earth with the same scum he just killed.  He's the one who tells his favorite tribe to disembowel their enemies, rape their women and smash their children against the rocks.  He's the one who's going to send everyone to an eternal hell where they will be consumed by fire unless they believe that he was killed as a sacrifice to himself for the sins of the world. 

Who can suffer such crap?

5.  The global spread of Christianity.  I think this may be more of a sign of the devil than of god.  Christianity has done more damage to the world in the past 2,000 years than any other group in history! 

6.  Jesus.  You just have to believe that Jesus was the son of god who was killed in order to sate god's bloodlust.  Furthermore, there is no credible evidence of any kind that proves Jesus existed.  The evidence suggests that he also is a mythical figure.  Jesus is not a good argument for a god.  Wait, wasn't Jesus supposed to be god?  Why then would god have to have himself killed as a sacrifice for himself in order to save all the poor sinners whom he created to be poor sinners?  Something's wrong with this picture. 

7.  A personal friendship with God.  Well, that's going to go nowhere.  You might as well believe in god because of your personal friendship with Mickey Mouse.  It means absolutely nothing. 

No wonder people today are leaving religion behind.  They're finally catching on.  It's a scam.

[The cartoon courtesy of Atheist Cartoons.]



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William Kendall said...

The only reason I could ever see anyone rational appearing on Pat Robertson's show is to show him up for the repulsive, vindictive fool that he is.

It saddens me that the party of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Eisenhower has fallen this far.

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