Monday, March 31, 2014

Boycott the Koch Brothers

[The following is from kathybbb at Daily Kos.]

The Koch brothers, dipping into their bottomless well of money, are a serious threat to American democracy.  They can buy and sell anyone and are using their massive funds to spread their ultra-rightwing (dare I say fascist?) political and religious views across the land, usually through front goups with innocuous sounding names.  Their pernicious influence is felt everywhere, from the smallest town council to the White House.

But we can fight back.  We can boycott Koch products.  Do your country and the world a favor by avoiding all the companies on the list and refraining from buying the products mentioned. 

Here is a list of Koch products.

Koch Brothers and Koch Industries from:

Koch Industry Gasoline:

Union 76

Koch Industry/Invista Products:

COMFOREL® fiberfill
COOLMAX® fabric
CORDURA® fabric
DACRON® fiber
SOLARMAX® fabric
SOMERELLE® bedding products
SUPPLEX® fabric
TACTEL® fiber
TACTESSE® carpet fiber
TERATE® polyols
TERATHANE® polyether glycol
PHENREZ® resin
POLARGUARD® fiber and
LYCRA® fiber

Koch Industry/Georgia-Pacific Products:

Angel Soft toilet paper
Brawny paper towels
Dixie plates, bowls, napkins and cups
Mardi Gras napkins and towels
Quilted Northern toilet paper
Soft ‘n Gentle toilet paper
Sparkle napkins
Vanity fair napkins
Zee napkins

Georgia Pacific Building products:

Dense Armor Drywall and Decking
ToughArmor Gypsum board
Georgia pacific Plytanium Plywood
Densglass sheathing
G/P Industrial plasters (some products used by a lot of crafters)-
Agricultural Plaster
Arts & Crafts Plaster
Dental Plaster
General Purpose Plaster
Glass-reinforced Gypsum (GRG),etc.

There's more on Koch here.

Green Living has much more about the Koch brothers here


Bob Poris said...

I would like to see a boycott of all the super rich contributors to the buying of our government, regardless of party. (That includes Adelson too). I think it wrong to be able to
spend so much money to influence elections and influence the writing of laws, regardless of party. I was not aware of how many companies the Koch Brothers have.

I would like to see money from private parties limited in some way and if possible change the recent Supreme Court decision to allow corporations to be considered “people” in any way. They are not capable of being punished or treated as people would be if laws are broken. They cannot function as people do in many ways. They should certainly be identified so we can know who is giving us the information they manage to flood our media with. There is something sinister in watching prospective candidates rush to meet with people simply to get their backing with no limits.

Lobbying should be limited too so as to remove the danger of corruption and to level the field so that information is allowed to all with some regulations.

William Kendall said...

They've got their fingers in a lot of pies. They really are vile people, I've thought that for years.

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