Thursday, April 23, 2009

PK's kids in Paraguay

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Used to be, back when I was growing up, that PK's were often teased relative to their familial relationship. PK's were preacher's kids and often they just couldn't win. If they were pious, they got a lot of flack for being so damn religious, and if they were, ah, like everyone else, they got a lot of flack for being too worldly, thereby bringing shame upon their father.

What brought all this to mind was reading about those poor PK's down in Paraguay. Only in Paraguay, they're not preacher's kids, they are priest's kids. I guess you could even call them BK's for bishop's kids.

Turns out that a former Roman Catholic bishop who is now president of Paraguay has fathered not just one child, but three! One kid is 16 months, one is 2 years and one is 6 years old.

This was one horny bishop! Which is fine, except for a couple of major problems: he took a vow of chastity and a vow of celibacy. Priests/bishops are not supposed to screw around and end up having a passel of little priesties and bishopricks.

Fernando Lugo was allowed to resign from the priesthood last summer/fall and thus was "relieved" of his vows.

I really don't care about any of this and I don't think it means he won't be a good president. But I sure feel sorry for those kids coming up. I can hear it now: "Shut up, you dirty son of a bishop!"


Grandpa Eddie said...

Or "your daddy got kicked outta the church 'cause he screwed your mommy."

Bob Poris said...

Sometimes I think the perverts join the church to find victims. It is obvious that a life of praying and devotions do not prevent terrible acts from happening to innocent victims. God gives us free will. If He wanted to stop such behavior He could do so. He did change Lot’s wife to a pillar of stone in an instant because she turned around to see her home for the last time. He does not fool around when He gets angry. Let’s not give a free pass to such perverts or hypocrites just because they claim some immunity.

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