Friday, April 24, 2009

GOP honcho is just really upset. Really!

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Yup. Michael, the man of Steele, is just beside hisself! Really, he is! I mean, he's the big cheese at the GOP factory of cheeseheads for Christ's sake, and nobody gives a damn. Nobody listens to him. Nobody cares what he says. And if he criticizes Limbaargh, he has to apologize!

Poor Steele. Respect he hath not.

But, he's trying. His puny little brain is working full-time these days on how to get the GOP cheeseheads to respect him. His puny little brain is telling him that because the GOP base is comprised of religious nutcases, extremistist rednecks, a few neo-Nazis starting to become a crowd, a bunch who never made it through high school, and Rush Limbaargh, he should pander to the pitful and thus, he has done so.

Yup. Michael, the man of Steele, is telling President Obama to withdraw the nomination of Kathleen Sebelius as Health and Human Services secretary until she answers just a few more questions on abortion.

Would someone please explain to this bozo that the Repugs lost the election and his demands with regard to what the president should do cut no ice with anyone?

And, it's always about abortion. Methinks Steele may have a plate in his head pressing on parts of the brain it shouldn't be pressing. Methinks Steele has been wandering around the halls of Focus on the Family too long and has lost touch with reality. Methinks Steele is trying so hard to hang on to his job he'll say or do just about anything.

Last I heard, 54% of Americans are in favor of a woman's right to choose, have no problem with Roe v. Wade, and don't really give a flying fart what Steele or anyone in the Repugnican party thinks about anything.

Now, for the typically humorous Repugnican encore: Steele hisself endorsed the right of women to choose last year in a magazine interview, saying that so far as he was concerned abortion was "an individual choice."

Well, what did you expect? Honesty? Forthrightness? Decency? Truth? Courage?

This is a Repugnican we're talking about!


Grandpa Eddie said...

And it's the Rethuglican party which always accuses Democrats of being "flip-floppers."

Steele is pandering to the redneck illiterates that the Rethugs call their base.

Bob Poris said...

I think it is time for some Democrats to respond, but not necessarily Obama. Cheney keeps telling us a lot but still refuses to testify under oath anywhere or to anybody. I suspect he is lying as he will not testify under oath where he must take responsibility for what he says.

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