Monday, April 20, 2009

Irony among the wingnuts

You will remember, I'm sure, how during the last presidential election, wingnuts on the right, including one of the chief wingnuts, Sarah Palin, attacked Michelle Obama for a statement she made in Wisconsin about how for the first time in her adult lifetime she was proud of her country.

"Omigod," cried the wingnuts. "We love our country," cried the wingnuts. "We've always loved our country," cried the wingnuts. And they preened and pranced on stages around the nation, patting themselves on the back for being great and long-time patriots even though they helped George W. Bush damn near destroy our constitution and everything we stand for in the process!

Where are these wingnuts today? Well, some of them are talking about seceding from their "beloved" country! Some of them seem to be not at all proud of their country anymore since a Democrat is president; hell, not only a Democrat, but a black Democrat! And he's probably a socialist on top of it! What's this country coming to, anyway?

Oh how time has made ancient good uncouth, to quote an ancient hymn. Now, even though they lost the election and can no long run the country into the ground, they think it might be best if they pull out and start their own country. If they can no longer be proud of their country, and its tendency to make war on people in other countries, they'll just go and start their own damn country, thank you very much! In Texas, they've even got a president lined up - some dumbass B-grade movie star, by name of Norris, who pretends he's a warrior, when in fact he's a washed up bum from nowhere.

Where's the outrage? Why isn't fat-ass Limbaargh bellowing into his microphone about these phony patriots who no longer love their country or only love their country when everything is going their way? Why isn't airhead Beck weeping in front of the cameras about all of these traitorous assholes who obviously hate their country? Why aren't Newt and Sarah and old John and all other Repugnican nogoodniks screaming their heads off about the seemingly treasonous comments by Perry and the like about seceding from the union?

It's ironic.

Who's loves her country now? Who took up the challenge to work with her husband to try to right the wrongs of the deviants who for eight long years insinuated their criminality into the very fabric of our nation?

Even more ironic, the two wingnuts complaining most about the federal government, taxes, and non-representation are Palin and Perry, governors of states who lead the list of those that get the most bang for their buck from the feds.

Watch our first lady speak. With grace and eloquence she exhibits a true understanding of the fundamental nature of the United States of America.

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Grandpa Eddie said...

The patriotism of Palin was in question during the campaign when the news came out about her husband being involved with the secessionist party in Alaska, but the press left that alone and went after Michelle.
As far as I'm concerned, anyone who wants to secede is NOT a patriot.

BTW, Chuck Norris is a fucking idiot who never amounted to anything more than a moron who knew some martial arts.

Bob Poris said...

We could live without both Alaska and Texas. Could they do as well without the rest of the USA? They can refuse any and all government money or help. They can donate it back to the government, if needed. A few Senators refused pay raises years ago. It is easy to not cash the checks. What do they really want?

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