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Pathetic christianist voices on Obama's election and the anti-Christ

Miley Cyrus, the anti-Christ!

It is not easy for normal people to get inside the minds of the christianists on the right who believe in a fantastical god to whom they speak and from whom they get messages. The following, however, may open the door of insight a bit - actually, more than one might wish. It is rather frightening that people living in the 21st century, surrounded by a world that science has de-deified, if you will, not only believe these things but live their lives as if they were reality and not superstition.

Historically, we have seen that people who base their lives on supernatural superstitions are freakily dangerous and liable to act in ways that inhibit the good of the greater community while believing they are doing the will of their god.

Craig von Busek, writer of a blog on, offers what he calls "Prophetic Voices on the Election of Barack Obama."

A better title would be, "Pathetic christianist voices." [A disclaimer: I know not who some of these so-called "prophets" are. I do know they are pathetic.]

Here's a sampling:

Kim Clement

Clement says the election of Barack Obama "is not bad." God is sitting on his throne, you know, "and He will do whatever He wants." In fact, "God has some surprises for you, America."

How does Kim know this? Well, on June 17, 2008, God gave him a "prophetic word." God said, "A president that I will bring into the White House, and they will say 'He is ungodly.' They will say, 'He does not know God.' Even as Jesus disguised Himself at the great feast, so I have disguised this man's heart. When he comes to the White House, not only shall he be mine, but he shall pray as a man that has never prayed in the White House. ... Fear not, for he shall sit in that seat in the White House and suddenly my Spirit will come on him and baptize him with fire and with the anointing, says the Spirit of the Lord.'"

Well, holy crap! That must have happened already! That explains why Obama chose Hillary to be Secretary of State!

Dutch Sheets (extremist right-wing christianist)

Dutch takes a different tack. His god told him another story. He is "quite confident" that the election of Barack Obama was not god's will, partly, at least, because of what Sheets thinks is Obama's position on abortion. But there's more to it. "As a nation we put on blinders concerning Barack Obama's background, associations, beliefs and practices, and set these causes back years, possibly decades. And in doing so we took another step away from God and His plans for America, and another step toward judgment."

Blah, blah, blah!

Not all of these "prophetic" voices were so negative. J. Lee Grady (editor of Charisma and extreme christianist), for example, suggests that god wants "us to work out our differences with sensitivity and mutual understanding. He as given us 'the ministry of reconciliation.'"

But then we have Cindy Jacobs, the prayer-movement warrior who led the prayer attack at the site of the "holy" bull on Wall Street. She gets direct communication from god through the ghost (holy).

"The Holy Spirit spoke to me ... and He said, 'Cindy, you're a general. Don't let the prayer movement rupture over this election.' ... We haven't lost anything. Because the heart of the king is in the hand of the Lord. ...

"...The Lord showed me that there is a demonic oppression of depression trying to come against people in panic and fear. Satan wants to panic the troops. Satan wants to say to you ... '...We've lost the nation.' ... I just want to say, 'Stop! Don't do it. We can still pull this out.'"

Note that all of these christianists assume that god is on their side -- the conservative Republican side -- and some, like Cindy, further assume that Satan represents the other side -- the "liberal" Democrats.

Here's a more reasonable "prophet," one not nearly so pathetic.

"It's amazing how all these so-called prophets come out of the woodwork as soon as a black man is elected as president. Where were all these so called prophets when there were 43 white presidents in this country? You are all nothing but a bunch of hypocrites. ... Also lets pray for each other and stop trying to persecute one another."

Yeah, you bunch of hypocrites, let's get together and do some bi-partisan praying!

But then, this.

"I along with several other McCain-Palin supporters and volunteers I've met truly/sincerely believe that our Manchurian Candidate president-elect Barack Hussein Obama IS the Anti-Christ." All you have to do is watch the movie, "Left Behind," which shows clearly that "Obama shares 3 distinct qualities with the Anti-Christ from that movie, named Nicholas Carpathia": the anti-Christ is hailed as a "savior"; he is "cool/popular'; and he is "handsome/good-looking."

"Also, like Carpathis, Obama is also revered by the secular (Godless) nations and Communist Nations and enemies of America as well who also hate conservatives/republicans such as President Bush for example of the world such as W. Europe, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, Russia and Iran.

"Not to mention that Obama has the most liberal ... of all Senators in the US Senate and he supports abortion on demand, PARTIAL BIRTH ABORTION AND gay marriage. And he is Godless Marxist/Socialist who opposes Christian teachings."

I guess if one (even one almost illiterate) "truly/sincerely" believes something, although it is fiction, it's gotta be godly!

And another who hears the "voice" of god:

"Even before the election, I received a word from God by reading it from HIS love letter to us.

"Matthew 24:24, 'For false Christs and false prophets will arise and will show great signs and wonders, so as to mislead, if possible even the ELECT.'"

Obama is a "false" christ and a "false" prophet? I'll betcha a lot of the ELECT were out there cheering in Grant Park - being misled!

And this fruitcake.

"I wish people would stop making this into a racial issue. It is not his color but his morals that we christians are upset about. His name sounds like a terrorist: BARAK rhymes with IRAQ (if you have a southern accent) OBAMA has the sound BOMB to it." This genius explains how when people make bad choices, god turns his back on them, and Obama deserves whatever criticism he gets because he put himself out there, and "God has turned His back on His people before." But not to worry, "He is a Just God."

Rhyming Simon! That's the problem. BARAK rhymes with IRAQ (if you have a southern accent). Sheeet! Wait, what does that have to do with anything?

The anti-Christ again.

"I didn't vote for Obama because he is the most liberal Senator and has a completely different worldview than mine. ... One day the Anti-Christ will appear on the world scene and have much charisma and popularity. We will be pressured to support him, and persecuted if we don't. Even the elect will be deceived. ... I have the sense that time is drawing very near."

Okay. Obama may or may not be the anti-Christ, but if the shoe fits, and it seems to...

Barack is Muslim.

"I didn't vote against Obama because he is a black man but become one he is a muslim and secondly because he wouldnt produce documentation to prove he is a US citizen ..."

This person is not prejudiced against black people, just Muslims! Oh, yeah, and those goddamn immigrants!

Like this one.

"The color of a persons skin should never be an issue in any Political Race. I did not vote for Obama, NOR do I TRUST HIM. I believe he is a Muslim and Muslim Countries financed his campaign. HE IS A DECEIVER. Where else would someone with no political experience come up with $600 Million Plus to spend on a Political Campaign. I BELIEVE he paid off the Biased Media to COVER his campaign and make fun of McCain in their reporting. ..


Enough already. There are pages of this kind of crap and you can read all of it here.

For the most part, these so-called "prophetic" voices are truly pathetic. They represent people on the edges of society--alienated, gullible, naive, and disturbed. Reality does not intrude in their worldview, and thus, fearful, they cling to their bible, religion, and their fantasies (guns, too, perhaps). It is all extremely depressing, especially when you realize these were the base of the McCain/Palin ticket and remain a strong part of the base of the Republican Party.

If I were as loony as the people who wrote the tripe above, I would say God must have been looking out for America in the election of Barack Obama.

So, tongue-in-cheek: Thank God for Barack!

Special note: I have just learned that the anti-Christ IS .... Miley Cyrus

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After so many centuries, God still has a Republican Party and still lost an election to Obama and the Democrats.I guess the rest of the world has a different God as they do not even have demOcracy as we knew it before Bush.Give God more credit for power to make changes.He doesn't need politIcal parties in the usa TO DO hIS DESIRES!!!!

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