Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dean Rotbart is a putz!

Just in case you're wondering, a "putz" is a Yiddish term: literally, a penis. It is also a slang term for "fool" or "idiot," or "jerk."

Rotbart is described by all of them!

Maybe if you've been nominated for the Pulitzer and have worked for the Wall Street Journal, you think you can be a prick, a fool, an idiot or a jerk and no one will notice. Not so.

Writing on behalf of who, I don't know, [maybe his own shadow Orthodox Jewish constituency] Robart scribbled off a "letter of apology" to Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin for the fact that 78% of American Jews voted for Senator Obama on November 4.

That's enough to make him a fool. What follows makes him the other things:

Because he added he was also apologizing to "Republican voters, Christian evangelicals, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Mike Gallagher and everyone else in the non-Jewish universe who stands four-square behind the State of Israel."

Let's see, Ann Coulter cannot tell the truth, is filled with vile hatred of anything she considers to be "liberal," claims to "love" the Jews, but believes they are all going to hell unless they accept Jesus. They need to be "perfected" in Christ, is what she says.

Sean Hannity has shown his anti-Semitic streak by inviting his friend, the known anti-Semite, Andy Martin on his show. Andrew Martin is a vicious anti-Semite. (Details by Glenn Greenwald here.) Mike Gallagher is a ultra-conservative radio talk-show host, who sometimes makes Rush Limbaugh blush: One minor example - Colin Powell's endorsement of Obama, said Gallagher, was racially motivated.

These are the people to whom the putz, Rotbart, is apologizing!

In his letter, Rotbart suggests that Jews who voted for Obama did so because the were "So enamored ... of the symbolism of electing a man of color to the Oval Office that they fatefully overlooked what he stands for and worse, what he will not stand against."

Then Rotbart invokes the threat of Holocaust II: "Who would have ever imagined that it would fall to our non-Jewish neighbors to take up the cause of Israel's survival and the necessity to be every vigilant against the gathering clouds of Holocaust II."

Jews who voted for Obama are "Philistines," says Rotbart.

Nor does Rotbart think that the 78% of American Jews should be forgiven of their "willful callowness." They knew well, he writes, of "his proclivities to associate with anti-Jewish, anti-Israel friends and preachers."

Hot damn, for a minute there I thought he was talking about John McCain! McCain fits that bill of indictment better than does Obama!!

There is much more such crap by this putz. The worst, though, is his conclusion. He quotes Anne Bayefsky of the Hudson Institute (a conservative think-tank), who "warned that not since Hitler's time has civilization teetered so perilously on the brink of catastrophe."

She put it this way: "So when you cast your ballot this election, make no mistake: You are voting for or against a nuclear holocaust."

And I thought the Protestant fundamentalists were a bunch of dummies! Rotbart and Bayefsky put them to shame!

Read all of Rotbart's diatribe here.

Read Marc Stanley's (National Democratic Jewish Council) response here.

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Anonymous said...

Can we assume that all Jews, just like all Christians think alike? What jerk can apologize for six million American Jews? Shall we get a Single spokeperson for every identifiable group in America?
Who speaks for all Catholics;2200 different rotestant denominations; all white people; all people of color; etc.
dDrop the hyphens! Obama is a brighttalented, smart person. He DOES NOt SPEAK FOR ALL MIXED RACES OR AnY SINGLE ONE. By voting for him regardless of color, we all gain a larger pool of people in our body politic. It is a plus!!!
Bob Poris

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