Sunday, November 16, 2008

Palin loses and wins a $7 million book deal

Palin, the sidekick, may not have been the sole reason McCain lost the election, but the polls indicate she was a major factor. Now back in Alaska (more or less), and positioning herself for either a run at the Senate if Stevens wins and gets tossed by his colleagues, or, if Stevens loses, a run at the presidency in 2012, Palin's also working at making a little money.

Maybe she can buy her own clothes at Neiman Marcus?

The, reports that "Literary agents are qeueing up to sign her to a book deal that could earn her up to $7m." That's not a bad deal for a hockey mom. Show yourself to be a fool in front of the whole world, lose an election, and walk away with 7 million buckaroos!

Jeff Klein, of Folio Literary Management, says "Every publisher and a lot of literary agents have been going after her."

What do they want? "Palin's personal account of her tumultuous introduction to national politics..."

Tony Allen-Mills, writing for timesonline, believes we haven't seen the last of Ms. Palin. "...there are already signs that conservative Republicans, thrilled by Palin's right-wing views, are manoeuvring to keep her in the public eye with a view to the 2012 elections and beyond. One group, called Our Country Deserves Better, last week collected tens of thousands of dollars to pay for television advertisements to run over the forthcoming Thanksgiving holiday. The adverts are to thank Palin for her efforts."

And, as Camille Paglia said, "She's got some serious chutzpah . . . Palin has taken charge of the moment . . . and she's making the most of the notoriety that was offered her."

Still, a Palin book presents some problems: We would not be able to believe much of what her ghostwriter would say (she could not write it herself; she can't put sentences together that make sense!). Furthermore, she has proven over and over again that she is challenged by the truth. And while Paglia is correct in her assessment of Palin's "chutzpah," that does not mitigate the fact that she's an empty shell, a hollow echo of a real person, with nothing further to offer the American people. Well, maybe she could demonstrate how to field-dress a moose!

Finally, the group that goes by the name "Our Country Deserves Better," has inadvertently called attention to the fact that the voters already decided "our country deserves better," and elected Barack Obama. In fact, it appears that a growing number of people in the frozen north are coming to that same conclusion: Alaska deserves better!

God save us from her "memoirs."

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