Tuesday, July 4, 2017

CNN & The Fraudulent President

CNN's Hilarious "Reponse" To Trump's Twitter Tantrum

This short video by Mark Humphries of SBS Viceland (an Australian tvnetwork) was made in only 10 hours, he told Buzzfeed. It has since gone viral, on YouTube, and also on Facebook, where this version above by Occupy Democrats now has over 4 million views. Source: AdNews SBS has spoofed the now infamous Trump versus CNN…


William Kendall said...

Someday when Trump's supporters (the not quite as stupid as the rest type; the completely idiotic will never get it) realize just how badly they were outright conned by the jerk, that's when things will really get ugly.

Bob Poris said...

His supporters are beyond help by now. I worry about our elected and appointed representatives who we depend upon to save us from the idiots amongst us. There must be an answer and we need it soon. North Korea is getting nuttier every day, as the US gets more isolated and our leader gets worse daily. Are there any sane people left? I already think I am not.

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