Thursday, June 15, 2017

North Koreans Send Mr. Warmbier Home

It's difficult to know exactly what a college student like Otto Warmbier was doing in North Korea a year and a half ago.  I've read that he was on a tour. What tour? And why?  Was college too easy for him he just had to visit this country that is notorious for coughing up fake "crimes" in order to hold Americans in prison?  I mean, really.  If you want to visit a country go to France for Christ's sake!

He "confessed" to the crime of stealing a propaganda poster saying he was put up to it by a member of his church who promised him money to buy a car.  We know that such a confession was probably coerced.

But it does raise the question of the church connection.  There have been, as I recall, several religious groups who have attempted to do "missionary" work in North Korea even though the government bans such activity.  And some of those missionaries went missing, some went to prison.

Of course, fundy Christianists, will do anything for Jesus.  Anything goes if it's for the Lord.

So, what's the deal?

And then, daddy Warmbier immediately praised the Trumpster and put a knock on Obama even though Obama socked North Korea with some pretty hefty sanctions after the son was put in jail.

Ironically, Otto is just the sort of person Trump says he wants to ban from this country: a religious fanatic who does not respect our country's laws. 


William Kendall said...

Why anyone would willingly visit that country is beyond me. At some point, somebody over there needs to put North Korea out of its misery and smother Little Kimmy.

Bob Poris said...

You are right on, as usual. People do not understand that their values and concepts of decency, honor, charity, etc., are not universal and are subject to local interpretations, sometimes influenced by self interest. Why does an American believe that all people agree with him and accept his values? Most of us, by age 18, have learned that not all people are nice, considerate of others, charitable, etc. Some are thoughtless and do not follow the nice platitudes of their particular religion, or the speeches of politicians seeking office and its personal rewards. Some of the lovely churches in the world could easily house the homeless and use the costs of maintaining and purchasing the art and decor to feed the hungry.

We currently are glued to the television in order to keep up with the latest tweets or rants of a president who has demonstrated he is not capable of doing the job he sought and won.
Meanwhile, our two-party system has adopted the ethics and goals of professional sports teams, rather than public service. Cooperation and compromise have disappeared from our language unless we can agree on the definition of our problems, and can blame them on the enemy political party or “THE GOVERNMENT”.

If we do not know where we are, how can we get to where we think we should be going? Should we follow our leaders even if they also do not know the answers?

I shall read tomorrow’s news papers to see if we have survived or not and then I will just get on with my pleasant life and ignore the news.

Enjoy your days too. And relax. You do no harm and that is good.

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