Saturday, November 19, 2016

No Admission of Guilt

Da Trampf has settled the lawsuit against his Trump University.  You may remember what that was all about - it seems people who paid thousands of dollars to learn something about real estate, etc., from "professors" chosen by da Tramp himself, were defrauded.

Da Trampf did not choose the teachers.  In fact, the whole thing was a massive fraud.

Now Da Trampf, being non-elected prezident by white folks, decided it would not look too good for someone of his perspicacity (that means "Acuteness of perception) to be shown to be a fraud in court.  He proved that on the campaign trail, but things have changed and he's busy filling his administration with Nazis and racists and over-the-top bigots, and ignorant non-scientists.

Thus, Da Trampf decided to cut his losses and settle for a mere $25 mil.  With no admission of guilt.

OK, stop laughing.  It is funny, though.

He must have been very afraid because we know Da Trampf doesn't take lightly to people calling him a fraud.  He gets up in the middle of the night to twit away on twitter to castigate people who suggest that his hair is made up of squirrel tails.  Today he whined that the cast of "Hamilton" harassed his VP choice, the patsy named Pence, by asking Pence to ensure just treatment for all people. Whine, whine, whine.  Not very presidential in the least.

But for Da Trampf to give away $25 mil ... well, that settlement is, in itself, an admission of guilt!

I can see him in my mind's eye:  He's sitting in his silk PJ's in his bedroom in the Trump Tower in the dark.  He's fidgeting and shaking and gets up to pace the floor.

"What am I gonna do?" he asks himself.  "They're going to find out that I am, indeed, a fraud and I might get impeached and I haven't even been inaugurated! I've got to settle, but with no admission of guilt.  That will fool people so they won't think I'm at fault.  I've been fooling them for years so no problem."

Unfortunately, Da Trampf is probably right.  The fact that he is, indeed, guilty of fraud will make no difference to his supporters.  Hell, they'll probably cheer him just as they cheered him for gaming the system so he had to pay no taxes.

Which brings up a final question/comment:  When is Da Trampf gonna show his tax returns?

My guess, never.  Those tax returns would prove without doubt he is a Yuge fraud!


William Kendall said...

It's going to be a long four years. Even if he resigns when he realizes he's in over his head, because Pence is just as awful a replacement.

Bob Poris said...

I have no record of sending this before, so forgive me if it is a duplicate, but I felt that even though I believe Trump won the election, we must accept it as not rigged or will be cancelled legally. If it is challenged then, so be it if the challenge is legal and adjudicated.

Apparently many will continue to protest, and up to a point I think that is ok as long as the protesters do not violate any laws .

We are a democracy and the voters have spoken. I wish 100 percent did, but that does not happen usually , so the voters made the legal choice and we do have to accept that. Next time vote if you did not like this outcome, unless a legal alternative is available. If there is one, I am not aware of it, so our President is Trump as far as I am concerned and I hope he is a good one. The rest is up to our laws!

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