Monday, November 14, 2016

America Has Fallen!

A chilling encounter with a German student left me shaking...

As a part-time Boston Uber/Lyft driver, conversing with the many international students filling our many colleges and universities can sometimes proved quite the eye-opener. But no encounter has ever left me as shaken as my Saturday ride with a German student coming home from a goodbye party. His parents came to the painful and hard decision some grandparents did not make 80 some years ago. He departs for home on Monday, without finishing his semester because fear is spreading across Germany.
I was honestly and sincerely just stunned speechless to hear that his parents screamed at them, "the unthinkable has happened and America has fallen, you need to get OUT NOW before it's too late."
Not will fall.
Not is falling.

Please read the entire article at Daily Kos HERE.


William Kendall said...

I'll check this out.

Bob Poris said...

We might be falling but have no fallen yet, We will have to wait to see what the damage actually will be unless we each have ways to change things or escape. The voting is over! Now Trump and whatever law enforcement will work to prevent some of the terrible things that are possible. The large protest marches call attention but do not change the facts. It is possible that Trump will not be able to do as much harm as some think for reasons we cannot predict. What are the options though?. Civil disobedience, revolution, violence, assassinations, lack of compliance by all Republicans, ???? So far the basic Donald seems to be still an enigma. We do not know what he really wants or can accomplish. He is not in office yet nor actually selected his Cabinet, he is still contradictory. Of course we worry. I worried when W Bush won both times as I did when Nixon won and others. I have yet to think Scott was a good Governor of Florida, but we are still here. I worried when I saw the desire of so many to have a one Party government and still worry. I do not think suicide is an option for change, nor is leaving the USA. What’s left besides repeating the same worries but not changing anything in the near future? Obviously plan for the future and do the best to survive. The Republican Party is in charge and they also will have to go along with making the government work..some may surprise us. We simply have few choices. I think we are seeing why so many people are armed and have been for years now waiting to do something. They don’t know either what they can do, so ever body will keep waiting as usual unless they are prepared to do something, as happened in the 1930’s in many countries. ALL is A NOT LOST UNTIL IT IS LOST and there are no options left! Simply crying and complaining is not really an option., it is a mental and emotional reaction and the beginning of thinking of solutions. Germany joined in and took action against the scapegoats. American are descended from the survivors. Many of whom took some survival action to survive against terrible odds..

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