Saturday, August 6, 2016

Olympic Games Opening Ceremony 2016 in Rio Demonstrating Dangerous Clima...

And a Republican congressman just the other day suggested that climate change and global warming are a myth and should be ignored.

Those of you who live along coastal Florida, get out now.  Just don't come to Ocala.  Please!  We may be drier in the future but we're loaded with climate change deniers and other jackwangs and don't need any more.


Bob Poris said...

How can you say such things about Ocala? Everyone I see complains about the terrible heat, then they rush home to adjust their air conditioning. They do not wait for hundreds of years for the cycle to change. They change temperature whenever they wish. They live in Ocala, but unfortunately they must wait until something changes their inability to change anything they do not like. We all have free choice, except regarding politics. So we can choose to do nothing or suffer. I think you might owe an apology to those that you offended.

Lowell said...

Dear Mr. Poris. I do not intend to apologize to anyone! How dare you suggest such a thing! I'll bet you're some damn liberal who thinks he knows everything. Well, I'll bet you don't know that I'm going to stop global warming the first day after I'm elected president! I know how, but I'm not telling anyone right now. You'll just have to wait and see.

I don't worry about global warming, though, 'cause I live in a high rise (well, my living room ceiling is high) and I'm thinking about getting gold plumbing if Obama hasn't stolen all the gold on his way back to his birth place in Kenya.

Oh, wait, I'm not running for president. Well, darn. I could if I had enough money. Hell, the Republicans will put anyone up as their candidate including the dumbest tramp since Nixon...I mean trump. But then I'd have to become a Republican and I can't do that as I don't want to spend eternity you know where! With Ted Nugent and all the NRA people shooting things up.

William Kendall said...

It might be time for you to reverse the trend and leave Florida for northern climes!

Bob Poris said...

Wow. I must have touched a sensitive spot, When I lived in northern climes in the last century, it seems, Ruth and I opted In 1988 for Florida and its sunny climate.. We liked it in Tampa, then lung cancer took Ruth away., then Irene and I met and moved across the Bay to St Pete, along Boca Ciaga Bay. Then built a second house in Clearwater, then sold both and moved to the East coast area of Boynton Beach, then to our home in Ocala. Somewhere along the line, someone or something changed the climate to very cold winters and very hot the rest of the year. Some think God did it while in a Mysterious mood or playfulness. I suspect it was a developer, like trump, hoping to create sales in and out. I do not care, as I am dedicated to doing nothing, especially packing and moving, unless to Assisted living or an attractive urn for ashes which could be sold to a collector.
My personal response to the climate is how I dress to adjust. God or Trump can do as they please, I will survive in any case. It is rainig right now, but I am indoors and will remain there until Irene decides we must go outside, probably due to the dogs suspicious behavior.
I respect you both, but shall stay here, unless Irene makes me move, as only she can do.

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