Saturday, August 6, 2016

Lebanese Olympic Athletes Bar Israeli Athletes From Bus

According to, on the eve of the Olympic's opening ceremonies, the Lebanese athletic delegation refused to allow the Israeli delegation on the bus - although both delegations had been assigned that bus by Olympic officials.

This kind of thing is far from the spirit of the Olympic games and what they represent - inclusiveness, friendship, cooperation.  It also violates the "truce" agreement among the nations participating.

The Lebanese athletes and their cohorts responsible for this debacle should be confronted and given a choice:  Apologize for the action or pack up and go home!

It is also reported that the Israeli athletes have let this slide and intend to focus on their various competitive events and fully engage the Olympic experience.  That is wonderful but doesn't solve the problem or deal with the issue.  The authorities in Rio need to take decisive action to let the world and the athletes know that this kind of hatred and divisiveness will not be tolerated.


William Kendall said...

Oh, brother...

Bob Poris said...

Lebanon’s team can walk to the games if they do not approve of the transportation offered all members as a service. They should be sent home to sulk.

If the other nations accept that kind of behavior, Lebanon and others that agree should not be allowed to participate in the games! Once upon a time, the Olympics s accepted the murder of Israeli participants and went on as if that was somehow accepted behavior. Now we should decide what is acceptable and what is not. I think some member nations should refuse to participate and new games be created with better rules. Boycotters are free to not apply and should not be accepted unless willing to follow reasonable rules of behavior. Can Christians, Muslims, Jews, people of color be treated differently than others. I vote to ban Lebanon immediately for their behavior which violates the stated goal of the games.

Their behavior was beyond the pale and must not be ignored. They should be punished immediately.

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