Thursday, July 21, 2016

Heil Trumpf

This is from Getty Images via Crooks & Liars.


William Kendall said...

Good god, who'd have thought we'd see the day?

Watching him rant on and on was an abomination.

On the other hand, watching Ted Cruz blow up bridges... wow. That's one hell of a way to have your revenge.

Bob Poris said...

When I watch the huge crowds’ cheer, smile and leap to their feet as Trump rants about how the USA has fallen and how he is the one to make America great again, I wonder how bad off we are. Yes, we have pockets of poverty, the middle class is down and not growing, etc., but we are far better off than most others in the world. We are still great and improving.

I lived thru the Great Depression and we are no way near that in any way. I lived thru pre WW2 and the actual war as a sailor in the Navy. I have lived thru all the bad and good years ever since. We are still doing better than OK but have done better and are improving everyday! Compare that to Trumps’ gloom and doom and only HE can make us great.

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