Saturday, July 23, 2016

Da Trumpf - All The Reasons to Vote NO!

The following link is an excellent compilation as to why every citizen of this great land should vote against Donald Trump.  It is very effective for it uses Trump's own words and actions to show clearly that the man is unfit for public office!

[Thanks to my friend, Bob Poris, for calling my attention to this article]


William Kendall said...

I read this one. It really is disturbing.

And now the sociopath is swearing to prevent Cruz or Kasich from ever getting elected again.

Just because neither of them kissed his hand last week.

Professor Chaos said...

I saw that. He's supposedly going to form a superPAC to work against them. His entire life and career is based on trying to stick it to people who he feels have disrespected him. Worst possible temperment for a potential commander in chief.

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