Thursday, June 4, 2015

Rick Perry, et. al., mental and emotional midgets!

I found the following over at Daily Kos, from Karoli.  This little rap song is the way Rick Perry announced his candidacy for the presidency.  Isn't it cute?

Via Buzzfeed:
“Rick Perry supporter, let’s protect our border,” the rap part says. “To hell with anyone who don’t believe in the USA / Rick Perry all the way.”
“I won’t back up / I don’t back down / I been raised up / To stand my ground / Take my job / But not my gun,” the country part says.
         “Give me my right to vote / My right to tote / The weapon of my choice,            
          Don't censor my voice," goes the second rap verse.

Rick Perry is one of a pack of men and one woman who wish to be elected president of the United States in spite of the fact they are mentally and emotionally challenged.  They have a cumulative IQ of about 80 and clearly have not passed the age of 13 emotionally.

And then today, the dimwit, Lindsey Graham, trying to get out the vote said something to the effect that if you don't want war, don't vote for him!

There must be a few adults in the Republican Party but I haven't found them yet.

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William Kendall said...

If there are adults in the Republican party these days, they're shaking their heads and giving up.

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