Thursday, June 4, 2015

George W. Bush Revealed

Here is perhaps the best insight into George W. Bush's mind that I've ever seen.  It is from the article, "What a Piece of Work," by William Deresiewicz in the June 2015 issue of Harper's Magazine, p. 88ff.  Deresiewicz, pulls a quote from Mark Greif's book, The Age of the Crisis of Man: Thought and Fiction in America, 1933-1973.

Here's what Greif says about George W. Bush:

                                      "He makes up orders that are assembled
                                      from the bric-a-brac of instruction, correction,
                                      remembered adage, childhood experience,
                                      assumed law, scripture, in a collection of string,
                                      paper trash, and bits of bright foil.... He is not
                                      facing reality and trying to think; he is squinting
                                      and trying to remember his lessons."

Lest you think that George W. Bush is passe, remember his brother Jeb wishes to be president also and much of what Jeb knows come from George.  In fact, when it comes to foreign policy, George will be Jeb's go-to guy.

What could go wrong with that?



Professor Chaos said...

Thank God Jeb has no chance!

William Kendall said...

There has to be better candidates than Bush 3.0 versus Hilary Clinton (I really can't stand Bill, so the thought of him making an ass of himself as the First Dude is irritating).

Mind you, it could be worse than Jeb. Ted Cruz, for instance.

Bob Poris said...

I believe Bush was mentioned in the Bible, with the following description, “THE BURNING BUSH.” The

Family’s modern political prominence was started with Senator Prescott Bush, a former banker, run out of his original town for fraud. He moved to Connecticut and recreated himself and married into the banking family of his wife. He was eventually investigated for violating the Trading With the Enemy Act because he kpt trading with Hitler after being threatened by FDR he would be prosecuted. He resigned his Senate seat. His oldest son George had an undistinguished career, in public life after becoming very wealthy in the oil business and aligning himself, as many Texas oilmen did, with the royal Saudi family. He was respected and liked as a dull, but honorable man, rising high in the Republican Party and eventually became President after his service in WW2 as a very young pilot, shot down early in his career. One of his sons became Governor of Florida, another Governor of Texas and eventually President., another son is rarely spoken of due to an unsavory past in the banking business and several scandals and brushes with the law. The efficacy of the Bush family in their various elected jobs is still subject to heated arguments from all sides. Some of their decisions and actions are still the cause of heated disagreements from friends and foes alike. Their actual opinions on many subjects are still essentially unknown, according to critics and admirers alike. They are all still hand holding friends of Arab Oil owners, not always friendly to American interests and always unfriendly to Israel’s interests that seem to back Arab terrorists if oil wealth is threatened in any manner.

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