Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Silver Spoon

Do you hear the sound of cheering? 

It's all over the world!  People are cheering.  Except for Mittens, Karl Rover, Donald Trumped, the Kochy Brothers, Huckabuckabee, Billy Grahamism, the neocons and others of that neanderthalic tribe.

The good guys won!

The people won!

Women won!

The sick won!

Old people won!

Young people won!

Hispanics won!

Blacks won!

All colors won!

Gays won!

And peace has a chance.

Mittens was born with a silver spoon. The "good life" was handed him on a plate. It's no wonder he took so long to concede. How could he lose? He was supposed to win.

What happened to his god? Where was his god? Joseph Smith had predicted his presidency long ago. And what about the prayers of all those evangelical/fundamentalist Christians he fooled?  God must have gone to sleep early last night!

It's hard, when you're born with a silver spoon, to have it yanked unceremoniously from your mouth.

Maybe Mitt can move to Mexico like grandpa. He could have as many wives as he wants. And more kids. He could run for president of Mexico.

The Party of NO lost.

Adios, Mitt!


Sunish Sebastian said...

Good Luck Mitt! Better luck next time.

JM said...

On behalf of 96% of the Portuguese people I can say: what a relief!!!

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