Saturday, November 10, 2012

A soup of ignorance and stupidity

Once upon a time I had a friend.  Then I found out he's truly unhinged.  Something is wrong with his mind and his ability to reason.  He lives in San Francisco.  He has a blog.  After Tuesday's election he posted a stylized picture of the president, in red, complete with hammer and sickle upon which was imposed the word, "Obamunism."  He's nuts!  He's not my friend anymore.

But he provides an example of the kind of hatred of Obama that exists in this country; a hatred that is frequently race-based, irrational, unreasonable, and very dangerous.  I often get the feeling that someone opened the doors of the insane asylum and let all the inmates run loose.

Some of these crazies are well-known.  But many are reprehensible nobodies from backwater towns in the southern states - places like Texas, Mississippi, South Carolina, etc.

For example, in Lubbock, Texas, a judge predicted last summer that Obama's re-election could lead to a civil war.  Another Texan and GOP official said he wants an "amicable divorce" from the "maggots" who voted for Obama.  He opined that Vermont and Texas had very little in common.  My inclination is to let him go, along with all the other teapot crackpots in Texas and elsewhere.  Let Texas become a loony bin, a collection of all the scum in our land.  That means, of course, that the good people in Texas will have to find another place to live, but maybe we could help because it would certainly benefit the country as a whole if the crazies had their own place to hide out.

Then there's Ted Nugent, he of foggy voice, a brain deficit, and a job as a mouthpiece for the National Rifle Association, who has concluded Mr. Obama won because "Pimps, whores and welfare brats voted for economic and spiritual suicide."

Ann Coulter just couldn't quite understand what happened, "there is no hope," she said.  But she's certain that if her first choice, Chris Christie, had been nominated, the election would have been a different story.

Mary Matalin, who has gone totally off the rails, said that the president was a "political narcissistic sociopath."  I wonder if she even knows what that means?  Is she angry because he had the audacity to seek a second term?

Victoria Jackson, of SNL fame, wept.  "I can't stop crying," she said, weepily.  "America died." 
The Cincinnati Tea Party also said after the election that the nation was dead.  I must have missed that.  And ever since I read that comment I've been checking, but I find that America is very much alive.  

In Ohio, the Lebanon Tea Party went into mourning following Obama's re-election.  We've lost our country, they moaned, and we're going to be a socialist nation within months.

Well, which is it?  Is the nation dead or heading toward socialism?  And why didn't Obama make us a socialist  nation already?  I mean he's had four years.  If he couldn't do it in four years, how do they think he's going to do it in months?

Ron Johnson, who lost his seat in Wisconsin claimed that Obama won because voters were ignorant.  Ignorant of what?

Robert Stacy McCan wrote in the American Spectator that "The list of fools who have brought this disaster upon us certainly will include New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, the gelatinous [ouch!] clown who (a) hogged up a prime spot at the Republican convention to sing his own praises; (b) embraced Obama as the hero of Hurricane Sandy; and (c) then refused to appear at campaign events in support of Romney's presidential campaign."  Christie, says McCan, engaged in a "perfidious betrayal."

Heh, heh.  It was all Christie's fault!

Karl Rove, on the other hand, the go-to guy for Republicans who want to engage in devious chicanery to win elections, but really blew this one and about $400 mil of the one percent's cash, said Obama won because he suppressed the vote.  No, I'm serious, that's what he said, even as Republicans in almost every state in the Union worked day and night to suppress the vote of those they thought might vote against them.

And the fat addict, Rush Limbaugh, noted sadly that he went to bed thinking "we'd lost the country."  I wonder who he includes in that "we" and did he really think that "we" group had owned the country?

Neal Boortz, a syndicated conservative radio talk show host, "twittered" that Obama was the same as al-Qaida.  "Congratulate Obama on his victory?  Let's congratulate Al Qaeda while we're at it.  Same goals."  Now someone who writes this is not merely stupid, but also crazy.

I've saved the best for last.  Another so-called conservative radio talk show host by name of Michael Graham, opined on FAUX News that Romney lost because the Obama campaign tried to convince female voters that Romney would put them in "rape camps."  More insanity!

We have a real problem in the U.S. of A.  Although the good guys won this election, we still have a large percentage of people who are not only ignorant but are prejudiced against anything that falls outside of their very limited brain space.  These people are not amenable to reason.  They listen, day in and day out, to FAUX News, to Limbaugh, to these other radio commentators.  And they believe what they see and hear.  That means they are never introduced to the truth.  Worse, they've been inoculated against the truth.

For example.  In Ohio, only 38% of Republicans believe that Obama is more responsible for the death of Osama bin Laden than Romney!  Fifteen percent think that Romney is more responsible for bin Laden's death than Obama, and 47 percent say they don't know!

Ignorance and stupidity reign.  Still, Obama won the state of Ohio!  

Maybe there is a god?


Bob Poris said...

There is a real sickness in our nation! Something is wrong. Most impartial analysis of Obama’s goals and actions is that he is a centrist. That is why so many Liberals are angry at him!

He has signed every bill adding guns to our society, yet is considered by the NRA as a gun control freak. Liberals berate him for not being tough enough on the financial sector. All praise him for his success in the Drone program, the killing of Al Qaeda’s leaders, no matter where they have been hiding. The list goes on and on, but it seems a large segment of our population do not know much of anything, unless they use Fox and Limbaugh for all their news and views.

There are always legitimate differences between the two major parties, usually based on fiscal and social philosophies. This stuff is insane!

Tommy Korioth said...

I've been saying for years that we need to shut down those rape camps.

Bob Poris said...

Would you want to be the one to go against God’s will or plan?

Lee Spangler said...

Listing all those opinions of the right wing folks reminds me of the same crap I hear when I listen to Limbaugh types ridiculing immoral, muddled-thinking liberals It appears there is some visceral self righteous pleasure gained by showing how smart and moral you are and how deranged the other viewpoint is. Each side is entitled to fight for what it believes to be right. That's the beauty of the political process. The greater question is what is the best way to govern. If you follow the mastery of someone like Thomas Jefferson or James Madison, you should have your opponents over for dinner often. Obama would do well to shoot hoops with Boehner or Limbaugh or even Pat Robertson on a regular basis than with his security staff. A weekly steam bath would be interesting too but I dread to picture it!

Lowell said...

Dear Lee...I understand that Mr. Obama has paid special attention to Boner over the years, has had him to visit in the Oval Office, and has played golf with him on several occasions. None of that has made a whit of difference. And you need to remember, too, that Jefferson and Adams fought so bitterly they didn't speak for years, right up until the time they died!

Furthermore, you can't govern in a bipartisan manner when the opposing side has no interest in governing and has said publicly their only goal is to ensure that you don't survive your tenure.

Some of us are hopeful that the attitude of the Republican mob has modified and they will finally realize their responsibility is to the people and not the oligarchs. I don't think that will ever happen. Unfortunately.

Bob Poris said...

We can hope but so far not much seems encouraging. Brinkmanship seems to be the rule, so we have to wait until the last minute maybe.

Bob Poris said...

I have suspected that Limbaugh and many others are involved in an effort to subvert our democratic system! The huge amounts of money spent over the years to buy elections, create and maintain gridlock, etc., is dangerous to our democratic system. Who gains from such efforts?

We have no way of knowing if it is merely greedy self interest or directed and funded by outside forces interested in the USA becoming an impotent force in the world. One of our news corporations has acted in a manner that promotes propaganda aimed at convincing a large segment of our population that our president is foreign, a member of some Socialist or Islamist plot to destroy our ability to govern. It is joined by a large number of National radio station owners.

They use legal means to frustrate any attempts to solve real problems. They have been successful in removing regulations that allowed our financial sector to implode with disastrous affects upon our population. Who gains? Where is the funding coming from?

After two elections, nothing has changed, so we remain divided and impotent to work to solve major problems. Who gains and who loses?

Does anyone think Congressman Issa’s committee is really searching for answers so that legislation can be passed to cure any problems? Who gains?

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