Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Jindal does 180 and begs for federal government assistance

Republican governors in the United States are really terrific.  What other group of people in this great country exhibit hypocrisy on such a massive scale?  They would be great in a circus when the call came to "send in the clowns"!

Example:  Bobby Jindal, the exorcist, the ultra-conservative, fundamentalist Roman Catholic governor of Louisiana, has been one of the  most adamant believers in the mythology that the less federal government the better.

But like all Republican governors in the midst of a storm, Jindal has experienced an epiphany!  He's seen the light!  Is he happy?  Nah, he wants more light.  He's not happy with the light he's been offered.

Hurricane Isaac is likely to slam ashore very soon somewhere in Louisiana.  Maybe New Orleans.  President Obama, trying to do the right thing ahead of time (which, as you know, didn't happen under the reign of G. W. Bushki), has declared a state of emergency in Louisiana, which "makes federal support available to save lives, protect public health and safety and preserve property in coastal areas."

Jindal, the hypocrite, cries "That's not enough!  We want more!  We've already spent $8 million on emergency measures to protect us from Mother Nature.  Send us more!"

I'm not surprised.  Jindal is a typical Repugnican governor who reduces taxes on the rich so he can cut spending in areas of social need.   And this means the first little emergency that comes along creates a panic as the state does not have the resources it needs to take care of its citizens.

Jindal is a typical Repugnican governor who blasts the feds for every calamity since the dawn of time, but at the first sign of trouble has his/her hand out pleading for federal assistance.  Jindal, though, is off the scale when it comes to hypocrisy.  He gets federal assistance and then claims it isn't enough.  While this is probably nothing more than a political ploy to turn conservatives everywhere against the president, it must really rankle the Jesus he pretends to love!

I'd say let Bobby Jindal sink or swim.  He is truly a nogoodnik who has turned over the Louisiana public school system to the fundamentalist wingnuts, who has trodden science into the ground, who  believes in demons and that he has the ability to exorcise them.

Well, Mr. Jindal, Isaac is a demon and it's heading your way.  Deal with it yourself.  Exorcise it!  Why should my tax dollars be used to help you when you refuse to deal responsibly with your state's financial responsibilities because your devious heart rests on top of Mount Success along with your wealthy patrons?

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