Tuesday, August 28, 2012

God did it, says CBN News with Pat Robertson

It's fascinating to listen to these fundies -- CBN's Robertson who seem to think God moved Isaac away from Tampa to "save" the Repugnican Convention.  Even though Robertson sheds a couple of crocodile tears for the victims of Katrina, the implication remains that God is still pissed at all those gays and other pagans in Louisiana.  But isn't there a remnant of "true believers" anywhere between Pensacola and Baton Rouge?

Not a few Repugs are claiming that it was their prayers that did the trick.  God heard them wailing away through the night and sent his angels to send Isaac bye-bye to kill other people.

And then there's the dim-witted drug-addled moron named Limbaugh.  He's so far out of the loop he thinks that Hurricane Isaac is a distraction created by Obama and the U.S. Weather Service to cause the GOP to cancel the convention and turn peoples' attention away from the Repugnican message.  It's a conspiracy, you see.  Obama and the weather folks deliberately arranged the hurricane forecasts to disrupt the Repugs from the business at hand.

We live in a weird twilight zone.

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