Friday, January 27, 2012

Wipes & Swipes #2

President Obama's recent State of the Union speech was written at the 8th-grade level.  And those damn Republicans still couldn't understand it.

Just before the Obama gave the speech, Boner said:  "I've read a lot about what the president will talk about Tuesday night.  It seems to me like the same old proposals we've seen -- more spending, higher taxes, more regulations -- the same policies that haven't helped our economy, they've made it worse.  If that's what the president is going to talk about Tuesday night, I think it's pathetic."

No, Boner, you are the pathetic one!  You can cry about everything except the damage you and your cohorts do to our country by trying to block every proposal to help get our country back on its feet after the Bush disaster.  You are also a pathetic liar.  In fact, Obama's policies have helped our economy, most importantly they brought us back from the brink of another Great Depression.  I know that makes you sad, Boner, so do what Jesus said:  Go home and cry in your closet.  Oh wait, Jesus was talking about prayer.  Well, in your case prayer won't help.  Go home and cry!

The Grinch, pretending to be a visionary, has made the preposterous and incredibly stupid promise that by the end of his 2nd term as president we will have colonized the moon by planting "the first permanent base" there and yes, hallelujah, it will be an American base.  This is another example of a Repugnican completely out of touch with reality.  If there's one thing we don't need, it's a base on the moon (even if such a base were feasible and any fools would want to live there)!  But there are millions of hungry people in the US of A.  And millions of homeless.  Many of our cities are dying.  Our infrastructure is rotting away.  Schools are in terrible shape financially.  The effects of global warming are rolling in waves along our shores.  Some 45 million people have no health care.  In spite of some gains, the numbers of jobless are still way too high.  We've got a mess in Afghanistan and Iraq is going to be a firestorm for the foreseeable future.  We desperately need to continue the progress we've made under Obama in terms of new energy sources.  And there's much more.  You would think a serious candidate for the presidency might deal with these and similar matters.

What's the difference between a consultant and a lobbyist?  Well in Newt's case, not a thing.  So when the Grinch says he didn't "lobby" for Freddie Mac, he's a liar!  In 1999 his "consulting" business was paid $25,000 per month to consult with Freddie Mac's lobbyists.  There was another contract, too, with The Center for Health Transformation (heh, heh), a Grinch outfit, and these contracts put $1.65 million in the Grinch's pocket for NOT lobbying!

According to Harper's Magazine, 71 percent of the current U.S. debt "was accumulated during the Republican presidential terms."

More on economic issues from Harpers:'

1)  18.2% of American said they did not have enough money to buy food last year.
2)  The median household wealth of white families declined by 16% since 2005.
3)  Hispanic families' median household wealth declined by 66%.
4)  It is estimated that the value of government subsidies going to the oil and gas industry between now and 2015 will be $78,155,000,000.  Talk about government welfare!!!  That's some entitlement program for the rich people (we used to call them corporations but the SCOTUS said they're real people, just like you and me and Uncle Ed).

Can we please not hear or see anything about Kim Kardashian or any of the Kardashians for, oh, let's say the next 50 years?  Enough is enough!

Repugnican chicanery never stops.  One of the good guys, Rep. Brad Miller (D-N.C.) is not going to run for re-election if a Republican redistricting plan gets approved in North Carolina.  The Repugs have changed Miller's 13th District from a Democratic-supporting one to a Republican-supporting one which would put him in a political fight with fellow Dem David Price.  These Republican bastards are, of course, responding to orders from their corporate masters which includes the Bank of America and Wells Fargo.  Miller has been a fearless leader in the battle against the rapacious practices of these banking institutions.  He was one of the first to speak out against subprime mortgages.  The redistricting plan is being challenged in the courts but the outcome is uncertain.  The big money boys are out to get him and gt him they will.  But hey, as the license plates in more and more states say, "In God We Trust."  You betcha!

President Obama said yesterday that he makes mistakes all the time.  But he tries to learn from them.  "[...] I have no doubt that I'm a better president now than the day I took office just because you get more experience."  Pish posh!  Don't you yearn for the good ol' days of Georgi Bushki when we had a president who never, ever made mistakes?  And the reason for that, of course, was because God told him what to do!

Oh, yes, can we also have no more talk or photos dealing with Salma Hayek's dress which shows all kinds of skin.  You can actually see a little bit of her boobs.  They're very nice and newsworthy, I know, but I get too excited!

Harry R. Jackson is a Pentecostal bishop and pastor of Hope Christian Church in Washington, D.C.  (Such a description usually mentions this church has over 3,000 members as if numbers mean anything important other than there are lots of gullible people in the world!)  Jackson likes to wear a clerical collar just like a real Catholic or Episcopalian or Lutheran bishop as it makes him see more authentic instead of a mere Jesus con man in regular garb.

No dummy, Jackson got an MBA at Harvard (of course Bushski somehow got a degree from Yale so that doesn't mean much), but he's a fundamentalist christianist who thinks all our problems would go away if we just did what his god wants us to do.  And his god is listening.  "When we pray and believe things happen," writes Jackson.  Sure they do.  Most of them bad!  Now hear this:  "...during the Bush presidency there has been [sic] more prayer offered up for the nation than ever.  As a result of all this prayer the Lord did many good things."  Jackson does not specify "good things" but I'd guess he'd have a hard time naming even one!

Then Jackson says that his god "also allowed things to occur which could bring the rest of the nation to her knees.  There is a war raging in Iraq, the economy is in shambles and energy costs are soaring.  Our national woes [are a good thing because] they may cause millions to lose confidence in false gods, humanistic ideologies and even their own abilities."

The man is a nutcase, of course!  The Bush presidency, supposedly blessed by Jackson's god, was a disaster from beginning to end and the nation will suffer mightily because of it for years to come!  If indeed a god was involved and supporting Georgi Bushski, he or she was a lousy and very nasty deity!

But hey, Jackson is a believer.  So all the bad stuff - the thousands of people killed, maimed, tortured, driven from their homes and their country, the billions of dollars wasted, the growth of hatred around the world, the terrible economy, the millions unemployed, the rising cost of living - all of this Jackson's god allowed to happen so we could see the light as Jackson sees it!

The truth is that Jackson is just one more moronic religious freak who lives in some kind of Dark Age, but he and the others preach this crap to millions of people day in and day out.  Which means that one of the greatest threats to our nation's welfare are Christian fundamentalists who command huge audiences and huge amounts of money and operate huge "ministries" which you and I subsidize because they are tax-free!

Is this a great country or what?

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