Thursday, May 19, 2011

Harold Camping is crazy and the world is not going to end on May 21!

[Photo of Harold Camping from here.]

If our media would refuse to give free publicity to the assholes in our midst, we'd all be a lot better off.

There's an ignorant and stupid old man by name of Harold Camping who resides in California and promotes his peculiar christianist nonsense and ignorance over the radio to a variety of poor souls who know even less than he does!

He considers himself a student of the Bible which is wildly inaccurate.  He has no clue what the Bible is all about.  Nevertheless, he has written a bunch of books on the so-called "Rapture," one of which predicted it would happen about the middle of September in 1994.

Obviously, his Jesus did not return to earth and there was no Rapture, and he is a failed prophet.  But that didn't stop the old fool from promising that now it will take place on May 21 of this year.  Yup, and you'd better believe it, 'cause it's gonna happen.  He won't brook any questions as to the authenticity of his prediction - "...God is not playing games," says this moldy old coot, as if he has a pipeline to some deity!

All of this crapola is based upon Camping's campy interpretations of obscure biblical passages which are almost impossible for anyone to decipher - even real biblical scholars - but none of them have anything to say about our time.

The Bible was written by men who were even more ignorant than 89-year old Camping; men who knew very little about the world, almost nothing about medicine, philosophy, the human mind, or the universe, and were  throwing sacrifices to their god(s) in order to influence these deities to be benevolent toward them because they believed their fate rested in the hands of what were inscrutable, horrible, and arbitrary gods living above the firmament which they "knew" to be a hard place high in the sky!

If you believe that there really was a Jesus such as reported in the Synoptic Gospels, then you ought to know enough to keep your damn mouth shut about when the world is going to end.  This Jesus is reported to have said that no one knows.  He didn't even know.  And he's the son of man.  Of course, in the Gospel of John he's God hisself!  So even God doesn't know when the end is coming.

But Camping does?

This is all really too silly.  Yet our newspapers pretend that Camping is saying something that people need to know about.  He's interviewed by our magazines.  Other christianist goofballs like Tim LaHaye are consulted as to whether they think Camping is onto something.

What a world we live in!  There is no evidence whatsoever for the old biblical tales of Abraham and Moses, etc.  The men who wrote the Bible lacked any scientific understanding of the world and the stories they concocted reflect that lack.  How can anyone still believe a great fish swallowed a man and then spewed him up to go preach to sinners in this day and age?  How can anyone believe in talking serpents?  How can anyone believe that a virgin had a baby after being impregnated by a spirit!  These kinds of things happen only in the realm of mythology.

Unfortunately, people who believe in all this nonsense and more are running our country.  The problem of Harold Camping goes far beyond Harold Camping.  Camping is not any crazier than most of our leaders, religious and otherwise.  He's just a different kind of crazy.  The Mormons believe the unbelievable and one of them wants to be president.  Catholics think that little cracker actually becomes the flesh of the mythical Christ (a spiritual being to begin with!) when the priest says the magic words!

But it might help if our media representatives didn't scratch and claw to best one another with an ever more sensational story.

Let Harold Camping and others of his ilk sulk in the cave of their ignorance.  Let the rest of us ignore them!

Now, if I had heeded my own admonition, I wouldn't have written this rant.  But I had to write the rant.  Someone needed to say these things!

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Charlene said...

These people are in the same herd as Westboro church and the wackjob guy in FL who held a match to what is for Islam the bible.

The local news reported the world was to end at 9 p.m. Saturday or 6 p.m. Pacific time. Another friend posted it was to end at 5 p.m. I commented, they must be having a pre-event cocktail party.

I'd be happy if these people who take as a right to preach at everyone else would just fly off n a rapture.

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